fourteen: zero fucks.

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     TODAY WAS it. The day of Homecoming. And Stanley and Everest were going together. Just like how Everest asked him to. Well, told him, more like it. Everest was excited for it, he went to school as he planned and at the end of the day, Stanley approached him. "Hi." He said as he smiled widely and Everest smiled at him. "Hi..." He said softly.

"I was thinking... I could sleepover tonight? I-I don't wanna go home after." He shrugged and Everest nodded, smiling. "Sure. My parents won't mind, you're always welcomed there, Stanny..." He said and glanced around to see not many people were here anymore, almost everyone had left.

He leaned in and Stanley leaned in as well, smiling before they shared a short kiss. "I'll see you at 7..." Stanley said and Everest nods. "Pick me up?" He joked with a small smirk and Stanley chuckled, "sure." He said with a smile.

At home, Everest realized the hickeys on his neck after his shower and sighed. They were sort of thankfully fading and he grimaced slightly at the memory. But then he smiled at the thought of Stanley. He got dressed into his outfit which was just a white shirt tucked into black dress pants and a black jacket. He decided it was what would go most well with his newly dyed blue hair.

He dried his hair and brushed his teeth, continuing to groom himself before exiting the bathroom and going downstairs where he spots Gina on the couch, wearing a off-the-shoulder glittery dress. "Hey, you look nice," he smiled at her and she glanced up. "Hi, you look nice too." She smiles.

"Let's get a photo!" Their mom came running and Everest sighs softly, looking at Gina who had the same annoyed look. They stood together, Gina's arm around Everest's waist and his around Gina's shoulders, both of them smiling.

"Lovejoys, it's your favourite st—" "Stan, my parents are home." Everest cut him off and Stanley paused, smiling when he saw Natalie and Joe. "Your favourite Stanley, that is!" He said and Gina crossed her arms. "You're the only Stanley we know... hmm, my girls are right outside now, gotta go, have fun boys." Gina said, walking past them.

"Okay, you have fun too, love you, Gi." He says and then looked over at Stanley. "Hi..." He smiled and Stanley nods softly. "Hi." He says and Everest glanced up and down, smiling, "you look nice..." He says and Stanley blushed. "So do you." He says and Natalie snapped a photo of them. The flash went off, the woman feeling happy to get a candid picture of her son with his homecoming date.

"Mom." Everest looked at her, his eyes wide and Joe chuckled. "You two are pretty cute, now pose for your mother, Everest. Go on." He said and Stanley chuckled, looking at Everest who pulled him close, "turn around." He says and they do the cheesy pose with Everest's arms around him, their hands together over Stanley's abdomen.

Stanley was blushing and trying to hold back a smile as they were posing for the camera. Everest then lets him go, "now we better head out..." He said and smiled at his parents. "How do we look?" He asked, his hand holding Stanley's. "So cute..." Natalie gushed with a small smile. "I remember when I use to make you guys bath—" "Mom." Everest said again as Stanley starts giggling.

"Excuse her," Joe said as he puts his arm around Natalie. "You two have a good time together and come home early, okay?" He says and Everest just rolls his eyes, looking at Stanley. "Come on, let's go..." He whispers and Stanley nodded. "Bye Mr. and Mrs. Lovejoy." He waved.

"It's Natalie and Joe to you! We're basically your parents!" Natalie called out as they exit and Everest just chuckled softly, shutting the door behind them. They pull their hands apart so that Stanley's dad wouldn't see them together that way. They get into Stanley's car and he drove off.

At the school, Stanley parked in the front and looked over at Everest who leaned over and kissed him. He smiled when he leaned back and Stanley glanced around. "Hey... your dad won't find out. And if he does, I'll fight whoever told him, simple," Everest said with a small shrug.

"Your scrawny ass will fight them?" Stanley asked with an amused smile. "Yeah... for you." He says with a small smile and Stanley's smile softened as he stared at his boyfriend. His boyfriend, Everest Lovejoy. That felt so... good. This, being with Everest and going to Homecoming with him, felt good. "Let's get high, maybe it'll relax you," Everest said and Stanley just nods, smiling.

Stanley took out a joint, lighting it up and looking around. "You look so cute," Everest chuckled softly and Stanley looks at him. "You look even cuter..." He held out his joint. "Hmm, shut up." He said with a small smile as he took a drag from his joint and Stanley just stared at him.

When they were done smoking, Everest looked over at Stanley. "Would you... wanna even dance together? Because if you don't, I'm totally okay with that." He says and Stanley smiled. "Who else would wanna dance with me, Ev?" He asked and Everest just stared at him, smiling back. "Anyone woud be lucky to, Stanny..." He tells him.

"Lucky for you, you're the only one I wanna dance with." Stanley says with a small smile. "Well, you're the only one I wanna dance with..." Everest said and held out his hand to him. "Come on... we should go inside." He says with a small smile. "Yeah..." Stanley sighed softly and got out of the car, staring at their school building as Everest went around the car, grabbing his hand gently.

He interlocks their fingers together before leading him away. "I'm nervous." Stanley said, stopping him right outside. "Come on, you're Stanley Barber and I'm Everest Lovejoy. We don't give any fucks, right?" He asked and the shorter nods.

"Zero fucks." Stan said and Everest nodded. "Zero fucks!" He said and raised their hands to his mouth to press a kiss against the back of Stanley's hand. Stanley smiled and kissed the back of Everest's hand, "this night is gonna be amazing..."












authors note "let's just say that tonight's gonna be fucking mind-blowing" yeah... 😳

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