3 ~ Burn The King!

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Jessie: get up
Jessie: get up get up get up
Jessie: I'm not making you pancakes
Maddie: no pls do
Jessie: get up
Maddie: why :(
Jessie: we're gonna go meet someone
Maddie: who?
Jessie: some guy who emailed me. I'm your manager now. Get up were leaving in 13 minutes
Maddie: wtf why didn't you tell me
Jess: you didn't get up
Maddie: are you listening for my footsteps
Jessie: get up


Alex's pov:

"No we can't get another Home Alone shirt Jack"

"No we're not getting slushies"

"We ready have Halo stop playing the demo"

"Jack get out of the ball pit"

"Jack no"

Typical day shopping with Jack. I sigh and take out my phone. She answers within seconds.


"Help me." I whisper. "Jack is driving me crazy."

"Shopping again?"


She giggles and I smile, taking a teddy bear off the shelf. It has a red bow tie. She would love it.

"I miss you so much."

"Don't get all mushy on me Gaskarth."

"Aw, I thought girls liked that shit. Who's with you?"

"Jess is taking me to breakfast."

I set the bear on the counter. "I can't wait to see you in London."

"I'm so excited!"

I laughed. "I love it when you get like that."

"Like what?"

"Nothing, gotta go. Bye."


I smiled, taking my change and leaving the store with the bear. Jack would text me in twenty minutes when he realized I'm gone.


Maddie's Pov:

"What's the guys name?" I ask once we get out of the car.

"Uh, Jordan I think. It's him and three others." Jess said as she checked the time on her phone.

"Shit, Jess," I stopped her. "There was a Jordan on Twitter who kept messaging me."

She made a clicking noise with her tongue. "Dude, it's not him, let's go we're late."

She dragged me into the small diner. Inside was smaller than it looked from out, it only had 5 people besides the two workers. The floor was tile, the walls were grey but covered in pictures of 50s movie stars, and it smelled like coffee. All in all, it put me at ease.

Across the room one of the only six people tables was almost full. There were four people there; all around the same age 22-23, there was a girl with short Brown hair spiked up and with a red streak through it who was wearing a large winter coat, a boy next to her who was much taller with even shorter hair but blonde and had his jacket on his chair revealing an Asking Alexandria shirt. The guy across from him had shoulder-length Brown hair (he reminded me of Phil from Of Mice & Men), and the last guy has black hair that looked like slightly longer Pete wentz style and a beanie.

The blonde boy stood and smiled at us. "Maddie and Jess. What an honor. Come and sit!"

I awkwardly sat down and Jess smiled at them as she sat across from me.

"I'm Jordan. I hope I didn't weird you out on Twitter." The blonde one said.

I shot a glance at Jess but she wasn't paying attention. "No, you were fine. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Veronica, but literally everyone calls me Ronnie." The girl introduced herself.

"Uh, Chris." The Pete Wentz guy said. I saw he had snake bites now.

"I'm Leo." The last one said with a huge smile.

"We are Burn The King." Jordan said. "And we want you in our band."


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