(Smairuhh) strongly held opinions about every little thing

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Smairuhh was supposed to be posting selfies for her fans but she kept getting distracted by people being wrong online. It was all very dramatic and stressful.

Like she finally was living alone, really loving her new solo apartment at the Delena. It wasn't huge, basically just bed & couch (both Mortadessent (!)), but it was hers. It was a little lonely, but on the other hand she had so many more followers now and so many more people vying for her attention online. Honestly she found the alone time theoretically helpful in terms of decompressing and redirecting her energy back on herself. Plus so much easier to spend focused time creating thoughtful selfies without roommates watching you. Or it would be, if she didn't have to keep correcting people for being wrong about various aspects of Qynka's life.

A lot of people were saying Qynka had been planning Arkkelina's murder (not really a murder, "overthrowing" was the literally correct term, in the sense of Arkkelina being thrown over a rail and down 3 floors) for a long time, as evidenced by her MURDERESS t-shirt, which in co-sponsorship with Polycount was performing really successfully. Some were even saying her interest in killing Arkkelina predated Qynka's season on Recovery, which was just. Come on. Grow up.

Your circumstances and your purpose are the gifts that mold the journey towards your destiny, her screen told her. And it was true.

Life had sort of taken shape around her

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Life had sort of taken shape around her. Jexxica got her out of SoulFeed and into conversation with some really prominent people in the Qrrashiclandom, which had led to other opportunities to interact with that fandom, which led to more people wanting to hear about her experience that day and her opinions about Qynka's actions during the battle, and her theories about what it all meant now in terms of her showing up at Finehome. And from there she was basically just part of the fandom, a full-on Trrashiclan herself, with all kinds of new relationships, and all kinds of ideas to share and opinions to defend about everything happening in and around and to Qynka and Qannen.

Mostly Qynka. She was definitely a Qynka person more than a Qannen person. You didn't have to officially choose, Qrasshiclandom implied ride or die-ness for both, but no one had heard from Qannen much lately and Qynka was just really compelling. Smairuhh'd had to do so much research so quickly in order to become an expert and someone whose opinions mattered. People were looking at her as an leading theorist on all things Qynka, like a prophetess with unique insight into Qynka's brand trajectory, although a few days earlier Smairuhh probably couldn't have listed 10 facts about Qynka. There was such a rich history to learn and explore and memorize, to have strongly-held opinions about and brilliantly useful insights into. She kept historical Qynka videos running in the corner of her screen while she pretended to lazily do other things online, so it would look like she was just obsessive, not unknowledgeable.

She supposed, if she thought about her life as though she was someone else, watching it on screen, that she could just as likely have ended up in the Superfinedom as in the Qrasshiclandom. She hadn't been in either fandom to begin with, and the events at the Battle Arena had unfolded around her in a way that led to her seeing a connection between the two, where everyone else had seen a division. The fact that she didn't expressly wish anyone in the Superfinedom any ill will or negativity was part of what made her unique. It was kind of her thing. She saw a way in which these two fandoms successfully interacted and she could bring them in that directly. Wild.

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