2 ~ I can't get comfortable in my own skin

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Title credit: This Party Sucks - The Wonder Years

Like 5 months later


"Hey what's going on guys my name is MaddiePlaysThings and you are watching another one of my videos!
Today is an updaaate vlooog.
I know I've been behind on making the weekly covers, I'm just really busy cause I've been planning a trip!
I'm going to London to spend a few tour dates with my boyfriend Alex cause I've been missing him so much.
I've also been working on my acoustic EP, I anticipate it'll be out by the time I come back from London.
Since that's all I really have to say, ask me some questions on Twitter! I might make another Q&A video later on.
Tell me down bellow what your favorite animal is and why! Mine is a turtle cause cuteness and Tony Perry.
Bye guys! Stay strong and hug a pug. I love you. Outro GO!"


My window is all foggy. My brain is too. I try and think of a metaphor for the weather and my life but I can't focus.

It's like I'm trying to think about something important but I've suddenly forgotten what it is.

Of course, I haven't forgotten. It's that I'm going to see Alex I'm a month. I can feel myself aching when I thing about him. I hug a pillow and pretend it's him. I miss him too much.

To solve this I put my hair in a bun and go to make myself tea as I wait for Jess to get home. I've been to clingy to her lately. She understands.


@CrownTheTori: @immaddiek are you ever going to join a band? I'd love to see that!

@ImMaddieK: @crownthetori I'm not sure, I'd love it too :)

@JordanBTK: @ImMaddieK you can be in my band...


"What else can I do?" I ask myself, tapping my fingers on my desk to the tempo of "Two's Too Many" by Crown The Empire.

Thinking of video ideas can be hard.

I decide on just doing another cover tomorrow morning.

Now I'm laughing. I told Jess five months ago YouTube wouldn't turn into anything. Maybe you can tell, but now I'm a YouTuber. I do lots of covers, and also topic videos, tag videos, weird skits and vlogs while I'm driving. Tutorials sometimes on guitar.

It amazes me how people get so into my videos. I spend so much time on the videos now I forget time. It's already 5pm, and now I'm bored.

The rest of my day is spent on Twitter.



@JordanBTK: @ImMaddieK will you be in my band?


@ImMaddieK: @ahsmicheal doN'T MAKE ME CHOOSE

@JordanBTK: @ImMaddieK what if I asked nicely?

@AtlBrides: @immaddiek how big is Alex's dick?

@ImMaddieK: @atlbrides you should ask @jackalltimelow




A/N: the thing with the Twitter is Maddie's will always be in bold and italic while everyone else's will be just bold. Idk if it makes much of a difference.

And ay the more votes I get the faster I post the next part. So you should do that.

Also do you guys like the wonder years cause I love them (it's the title credit)

Bye guys ily

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