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Follow these accounts please. DisneyTsumTsum2 and ShadowFire810 

Add this book to a reading list. Or your private library. Either is fine. Just make sure you have it somewhere where you will know when it updates. This will help you get notices.

You can enter up to 3 books in different genres. Just to make it fair to others in the contest!

Your book must be in English. I am not really multilingual, sorry.

(OPTIONAL, BUT MUCH APPRECIATED) Give this book a shoutout on your profile. Please help spread the word! The more, and the quicker, entries we get, the faster we can start judging!

Your book must have at least 5 chapters. Unless it is short story. If it is a short story, it must be completed. 

(OPTIONAL, BUT WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!) I would appreciate it if you checked out one of my books. However, I won't require it. (The passcode is any word unrelated to the word before you. Back to the rules now. :D) But if you are interested, please do! :)

RULE FOR MATURE BOOKS: I'm going to be judging probably this time around, so no explicit mature stuff here please. (Sorry)

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