Chapter 9

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I woke up to Shawn's sexy ass lips on my neck. He was still sleeping with his head all on my neck and his hands touching places that they shouldn't have been. He's turning me on.

"Jay baby wake up"

He didn't say anything.

"Jay jay baby move", I said tapping him.

He groaned and wrapped his arms around me.

"Jay I have to get up"

Shawn:"nah", he said in a sleepy voice.

I turned over to try to get up out of the bed but he pushed up against me and held me tighter. I felt his dick poking my butt.

"Uh uh Shawn move you're hard"


"Shawn baby I want to handle you, can you move"

"you want to give me head"

"Yea", I said sexually.

He released me and I got up and ran to the bathroom.

Shawn:"you play too much bey!"

I laughed "sorry baby!"

I looked in the mirror and ran my hands through my messy sex hair. I need to go to the salon, he fucked up my shit. I looked at my body in the mirror and saw all the hickeys he left. I shook my head laughing replaying everything we did last night. Then it occurred to me we didn't use a condom. Shit! oh hell no. This can't be happening. I ran out the bathroom.

"Shawn wake the hell up!"

Shawn:"what's up bey", he said wiping the sleep out his eyes.

"We didn't use a condom!"


"Jay please tell me please tell me you somehow slipped on a condom when I wasn't looking when you were inside of me those two times"

Shawn:"I'm sorry bey...we were both so into it. I didn't use one"

I sighed and shook my head.

Shawn:"I'm so sorry bey, it's my fault I should've been more careful and aware"

"No no it's my fault I was careless. Damn if I'm pregnant..."

Shawn:"if you are and you don't want to keep it then it's alright"

"What! I would never have an abortion or give my child up. I actually wouldn't mind having your baby"

Shawn:"mm well why don't we work on some more babies right now"

I smirked and went over to him and sat on his stomach.

Shawn:"you either are going to get ready or you going to ride me all day"

I smiled "I'm not riding you all damn day, you got me fucked up"*laughing*.

Shawn:"get some clothes on then baby"

"Oh so you don't like when I walk around naked"

Shawn:"im not saying that but if you are, you know I need to get into that"

"Oh you want some"

Shawn:"hell yea, don't play me"

I smirked "you lucky I love you"

Shawn:"I thank The Lord everyday you do"

He picked me up and placed me on the bed. He spread my legs and I was through.

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