"Why collect Brownie Points?"

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Chapter 3.

“Why collect Brownie Points”

So far we've established that men seem to have a more difficult time collecting brownie points than women and we’ve also not yet touched on why? Why not, you ask? Because, what do we care how or why a woman collects her brownie points. You see, a woman gets her brownie points from you and we all know how guys throw around the brownie points! All a woman has to do is smile and say Hi and she’s in the positive point side, never to see negative points again...ever, unless the guy wakes up...fat chance of that happening. So you see, we are here mainly concentrating on helping those poor slobs that wallow in the pool of negative slop of the sliding point scale! Women don’t need any help...but we do! Lots and lots of help!

So why collect brownie points?

Well if you are single, living alone or living with a bunch of other guys then yes, why bother, there is no need but... hold on, not so quickly my little apprentice! If you are old, (or older, for those of you with feelings), or no longer in need of, or want any female companionship, then you can close the book and pass it on to another guy as a present. Consider it money well spent and I thank you for it but if you are in your teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and maybe even some of you older little devils in your sixties or seventies (you lucky dogs) then you may have to consider the possibility that a lovely young lady could turn your eye!

If a lovely young lady can still turn your eye, then there is nothing wrong with practicing earning brownie points on people in general while still alone. Lay the groundwork baby, lay the groundwork. It’s amazing how you can turn people’s attitude around just by arriving with a smile and a friendly “Howdy”! Sometimes you even get a little bonus, these are explained in the chapter “Accidental Brownie Points”! Once I got a Extra-Large pizza with THREE toppings for the price of the special Two toppings, now I know that it ain’t much but you have to consider the trickle down effect that this causes. All with a warm Howdy. The girl at the counter was happy as I chatted with her and the owner was smiling and gave me the extra topping because of my charm, wit and contagious smile. So that’s two people that I made smile, plus a couple of customers that were in the restaurant where also smiling. A very smart Woman once told her son:

“It takes a lot to be Nasty to someone but it takes very little effort to be Nice”

Very wise words by a very nice woman, so you see when you make people smile, they remember you better because you started them talking about you.

They then pass the word to their friends and before you know it, you are the friendly guy that everybody wants to meet and and be friends with, the women will be climbing all over themselves to get to you, you’ll have to beat them off with a big stick! Okay, okay maybe not a big stick but it’s my fantasy and I’ll live it any way I see fit, anyways that is the way it’s supposed to be but I think somewhere down the line something must have happened and we are now living in this alternate universe..oh wait...no that’s another story. But we could all end up like that, living in a parallel universe where only the men have to earn brownie points. Not a good situation, no matter how you try to spin it.

Brrrr...I don’t even want to think about it but I do have a few theories and ideas that will hopefully come to light in an upcoming book, so stay tuned.

But like I was saying, word will get around like wildfire with all of the modern day technology of Facebook, Twitter and the likes. As soon as it’s out, it dances along the lines of the internet like an olympic skier, swooshing here and swooshing there. Word of mouth is the best advertising in the world and we know that in today’s world to get out there, we have to BE out there.

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