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 "So... That... Just happened..."

Taehyung's words reached all of their ears but nobody was processing them, much less what happened.

"...it sure did..." Jimin eventually spoke. He slowly stood up while the other two stayed lying on the bed.

Taehyung was absentmindedly touching the spot on his neck where Jimin bit in just minutes ago. It was already completely healed and there was no trace of it. Jungkook was also dazed but his eyes followed Jimin's figure as the oldest was fixing his rumpled shirt and tousled hair.

"You're going?" Jungkook asked wobbly.

Jimin froze on the spot, hesitating a bit. He didn't want to leave. But he was unsure of how to act if he stayed and he did have an important task to carry out. So, reluctantly, he nodded.

"I have to note Namjoon."
"Namjoon?" The two boys gave sent confused gazes his way, not familiar with the name.
"Our leader," Jimin elaborated.

"The leader of your clan?" Taehyung questioned.

"Bangtan, yes. And also the representative of most vampires in Asia. I'll introduce you to him and others later and teach you about the dynamics too, so don't worry."

"Are you gonna be back soon?" Taehyung called out when Jimin was almost out of the room. Jimin looked over his shoulder at the two boys huddled on the bed.

"Of course. I don't want to leave you two alone for too long. You might go crazy missing me," Jimin smiled sweetly at them and winked at them in the end. Then he elegantly opened the door and disappeared from the sight of the two boys. As he hastily walked away he thought about the real reason he was gonna be as quick as possible in finishing his task. I might go crazy if I'm away from them for too long.

Jungkook and Taehyung stared at the door Jimin just went trough for some time after he did. Almost like they were hoping he was going to come back already.

"I can't believe he just walked away," Taehyung muttered to himself, Jungkook barely catching the words even though he was basically pressed against him.

"Right... He's gone just like that," Jungkook agreed, talking in a hushed tone like he was afraid to break the atmosphere by being too loud. While pouting he turned towards the other boy.

Taehyung was still caressing his neck, his eyes locked on the doors, mind blank. Jungkook everted his eyes onto Taehyung's still exposed shoulder. The skin was clear and perfect, a tan tone with zero imperfections. Jungkook barely believed that just some time ago so many marks scarred it. "They're really gone," he muttered while touching his skin, causing Taehuyng to shiver.

Taehyung finally moved.

"He kissed me..." He mumbled, now touching his lips.

"And you kissed me!"

Taehyungs eyes got wider. "And he kissed you! He kissed us! The fuck does that even mean!?"

"I have no idea!" Jungkook shouted just as panicked.

They stared at each other. Searching each other's eyes, not even knowing for what but for something.

Taehyung eventually backed down. He cast his gaze downwards, playing with his fingers. "I... kissed him back." He gulped.

Jungkook tried to relax his tense body and slouched.

"I did it too," Jungkook confessed out loud which made him realize just what he did. And what it implied. Saying out loud made it that much more real to him. His eyes grew and he bit the inside of his cheek. "We both kissed him back... Why did we do that?!" His voice unsteady, almost shrill at the end. Taehuyng flinched at such a high tone but then he grabbed Jungkook's palms. Jungkook was panicking. He felt like he did something wrong, like he made a grave mistake, and there was no way to fix it or change it anymore.

"Do you like him?" Taehyung asked right away, seeing how Jungkook sorta calmed down at his touch.

"I don't hate him... Do you? Do you like him?"

"I like you..." Taehyung said feeling defeated. Here he was, once again confessing his love to Kookie but he just kissed another guy willingly. Jungkook squeezed his palm back. "I like you too you know," Jungkook stated. That sentence reassured Taehyung because... Well, because while he might have kissed Jimin so did Jungkook... And... Although it sounded wrong (maybe even unhealthy) he decided to take it as a sign that he and Jungkook were perfect for each other. That they were on the same wavelength and this wasn't a bad thing or a thing that would break them apart.

"This..." Taehyung's voice died down.

"This happened this one time," concluded Jungkook. "I'm not saying this is the reason why I did it, I don't even know the actual reason but... Who knows what Jimin would have done if we refused or pulled away. He seems much more gentle now, but just a day ago he was completely different. This is all happening too fast and his actions and words keep contradicting. It's good we reacted the way we did no matter the reason why." Jungkook desperately tried to make their actions be justifiable, his facial expression making it seem like he already truly believed in the words he spoke despite that not being the case. He doubted Jimin would do anything intentionally bad to them.
To him, it seemed like Jimin was all bark and no bite in the begging, wanting to appear as a cold and ruthless vampire he was probably expected to be. But now that he and Tae weren't so defiant and disobedient he warmed up to them. He didn't see Jimin as a bad guy anymore. And although Jungkook didn't know that, Taehyung had a very similar opinion.

Taehyung nodded in agreement and leaned in. He traced Jungkook's cheek, his eyes sparkling. Jungkook reflexively got closer to him.

Their lips met in a long and hot-blooded kiss. They couldn't stop even when they were out of breath. Taehyung's hands roamed Jungkook's body while Jungkook's fingers were gripping Taehyungs hair. They were kissing like their lives depended on it. To them, in that moment, they did depend on it.

They had no idea how they eventually stopped. They kept exchanging passionate kisses even as they got exhausted and unable to hold their weight and had to lie down. 

They fell asleep like that; in each other's hold, lips kissing the other's skin.

That's also how Jimin found them once he came back; incredibly adorable.

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 My God did that give me a heart attack

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