Whatever Happened To Apologizing

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Hey guys Srry I haven't updated anyway here's a new chap

Chapter 2: Whatever Happened To Apologizing

As Allison and I walked through the gates of hell, we noticed that everyone was whispering and looking at us.

Allison: Why do you think they are looking at us for?
Me: I have no idea......

When I stopped at my locker I looked at the doors Allison and I had came through and I realized that they weren't whispering about me and Allison they were whispering about Dylan the star quarterback of Fairfield High.

I wonder what he did this time. Last time the school was like this Dylan had thrown a party and ended up sleeping with one of the Fairfield cheerleaders and the head cheerleader (aka his girlfriend of christmas past) had found out and dumped him and the cheerleader he slept with had gotten kicked off the squad.

Extreme much. But at least she did it with pride. So he ended up single
(Mental yay dance inside). And apparently Dylan never apologized for the incident. Like whatever happened to apologizing. I have to admit that's kinda messed up.

As I head off to my first period some girl decides to push me and then walk off like nothing happened. Bitch I mutter under my breath.
So there's the second chap hoped u liked it Srry for not updating for a longggg time. Until next time lovelies ❤❤✌

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