Confessions - The Story of Kurt & Lilly [From 'The Daydreamer']

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Lilly knew she was all alone in the house. Mamma was out playing scrabble with a bunch of older ladies that she'd met in Pine Hills at some pack party that Jen and Lance had attended and Mamma too to get a bit of a social life. Lilly had been invited but declined being around couples such as Jen and Lance. She couldn't help but feel envious of them and dislike herself as she knew well that that could have been her. Though she knew what she did was right, it was for the best. But now that Em had grown up and even found a werewolf mate of her own she couldn't help but feel lonely and rejected. So she decided to stay here alone to drown in misery.

She wanted him. That pulsating wound from over the years had grown bigger once she was reminded, when Jace walked in through Mamma's front door, sure it was impossible not to think of him before hand but she'd figured out a way to numb the pain, she kept distracted and she was distracted; her niece was falling to bits and wasting away. But now it was her falling apart and growing old and lonely.

The house felt eerie as she stepped out of the spare room she was staying in, the rooms all dark as it had only hit dark and no one had turned on lights, after all it was only her here. She tread as if the floor would give out, her tentative steps seeming louder in the dead still house, when she had first arrived she had revelled in the beauty of the house and area but now as it was dark and she was all alone in a huge house that wasn't even hers she couldn't help but feel as if she was in a horror film.

It was as she grew more and more anxious she decided to turn back and go back to her room or at least find a light switch. As she made her way up the hall she couldn't help but realise she was growing warmer but also just as anxious, but a new form of anxiety. Hearing footsteps behind her she walked quicker towards the light switch almost running. And she was supposed to be mature.

She jumped as she felt a presence behind her frightening her beyond means she hastily grabbed the switch she flicked harder than normal, although no part of her cared at the time of the condition of the light switch. No, all she could help but think was if it was Angus or not and how on earth had he found them already and so quickly. She was relieved that at least Emily wasn't here.


The voice bought her up short. It was a voice of pure melted chocolate, thick and smooth and as she remembered a voice that made her tremble and quiver with pleasure and need. Lilly remembered the need, it was what had frightened her the most, not any of his other confessions but how attached and dependent she felt towards him, how much her hormones had started to flare like a teenagers. It was his voice.

She turned on the spot slowly praying that this wasn't a dream or that when she turned around there would be nothing, she couldn't face that.

Yet there he was. Standing in the middle of the hall staring at her as she had always remembered he did but now there was something different.

"Kurt?" her faint voice said as it broke off, it really was him.

He approached her slowly almost cautiously as if she was the dangerous one. And finally he was standing right before her and both of them studied each other from head to toe like hungry deprived beasts.

Kurt couldn't help but feel the swell inside him at the sight of her, his heart squirming within his chest and his breathing becoming natural. Her soft shivery voice had already stirred the wolf inside him that had claimed her as his. Yet she wasn't his. She had never been his.

He looked at her, his eyes roaming over every inch of her body. She was beautiful still; she'd always be beautiful though he knew. Her thick honey blonde hair curled and spiralled its way in waves down around her face shaping perfectly around her small and delicate face. Her big teal eyes as usual knocked the breath out of him; those type of beautiful eyes should be illegal when coupled with those thick dark lashes that brushed the skin. Her skin was flawless and as always looked like the softest pillow to ever exist, she had some almost faded loose freckles scattered along her cheek bones that he could only see due to his heightened senses. And her lips, her beautiful taunting toe curling lips. They were only lips but with a beautiful shade of berry with a natural plump look and moist, god they looked moist. He had to resist the urge to groan yet he could feel himself get carried away just standing there and watching. Her body was slender and curved to perfection and it antagonized him to have to stand here and only look at it instead of letting his hands roam and explore every inch of it. Her body was almost one of swimsuit model yet she had flesh and not just bones, it amazed him at how beautiful and slender she was for someone in their late twenties whose job was a primary school teacher. Kurt had always dreamt of her since the day she walked out that door but her standing right here before him made him realise the person that he was daydreaming of was an ogre compared to her, he had never done her justice.

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