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School is over and it's time to start the weekend. I came out of math class and I saw Chanyeol.

"Jayu! Let's go." He said.

"Ok." I said and the rest of my brothers followed and we all went in the car. But suddenly we couldn't find Luhan.

"Uuuh where's luhan?" I asked.

"What do you mean my love?" Suho said.

"I mean that I don't know where he his?!" I said.

"Ok,ok calm down. We will look for him. have you seen him today at all?"

"Yes?? During lunch period." I said

"Ok. Stay here while me and Suho go look for him ok?" Kris said.

"Arraso". I said.

>>>AT HOME<<<
Jayu and the rest of the members drove home and started doing your own separate routines.

*Sigh* I really don't feel like doing this math problems, I get them, its just that it's too much!!

"What's the matter?" Sehun asked.

"Well?.. I don't feel like doing these problems. it's just too tiring. I just want to have no homework for the rest of my life". I said.

"I can do it for you. I mean, since your really tired. I believe I can take it from here." Sehun said.

"Really? You can do that for me?!" I said

"Of course sis. You should some rest." SEHUN said.

"Ummm???... Ok. I guess I'll let you do it. Thank you sehun!! Your the best!!!" You said and with that, you hugged him really tight.

"Ok sis! Your hurting me!><" sehun said.

"Hehe~ sorry^^" I said.

"It's ok. You should go rest now. I'll be done later arasso?" Sehun said.

"Arasso" I said.

Yes!! I'm done now!!! That wasn't hard. Sehun said.

"Umm... Sehun??? Why are you doing Jayus homework?" Kris said.

"U-uh.. W-what do y-you mean h-hyung?" Sehun asked.

"What do I mean?? Well.. you stuttered right in front of my face. and also, Jayus name is on the top. Pabo." Kris said.

"Aww man." Sehun said

"Yea whatever. Why are you even doing it?" Kris asked.

"Because she was tired and I wanted to do it for her." Sehun explained.


"Maybe because I'm not in the same grade as you." Sehun said.

"Aish!" >< Kris yelled as he gritted his teeth and balled his fist.

"EXCUSE ME?!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING TO MY HUNNIE??!!" Luhan yelled at Kris whiled Kris stopped in silence while Sehun ran to LUHAN and hugged him. (Sorry hunhan moment here ^^)

"Mi-Mianhe hyung." Kris looked down with a deep voice.

" Yup. You better. No one messes with him! You hear me??!" Luhan yelled (manly moment)

"Ne hyung" Kris said.

"Ok. Come on Hunnie" luhan commanded.

That's the end of chapter 6!

Chapter 7 is next!
Annyeong!!! :) (*^^*)

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