Chapter 23

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Kat hadn't expected her first time with Eric to be on a desk but she didn't complain. In fact she did the opposite of complain. 

The next morning Kat woke up in her bedroom with arms wrapped around her waist and she sighed contently, now she never wanted to go back to the future. She wished she had never thought that thought because then she started thinking about the future and her happy heart suddenly felt heavy. She knew she had to go back to the future soon, she could feel it, but she didn't know when and what about Eric who wakes up to find his wife a completely different person. More importantly, what about the real Lady Katherine who comes back to find that shes married and her husband wants to sleep with her!'

She wondered if the real Lady Katherine liked it better in the future and if she had fallen in love with someone too, it would be better for both of them if they just stayed where they were. Then suddenly the idea of writing a letter came to her, it would then be easier to find a way to return here if they could communicate somehow. But the idea melted away from her brain when the body next to her began to move and she turned to face Eric who was groggy and fatigued from just waking up but he still managed to place a chaste kiss on her lips.

"I love you so much."

He whispered, his hand going to the back of her neck where he buried his fingers in her hair.

"I Love you too"

Kat almost felt herself begin to tear up but she ignored the feeling and kissed her husband once again.


"Lady Abigail and Lady Adelaide are in the drawing room ma'am."

Kat acknowledged the butler with a smile and a 'thank you' before opening the door to the drawing room. Lady Abigail and Adelaide both stood up with grins on their faces and they rushed forward to greet her with kisses.

"My darling you look positively radiant!"

Lady Abigail grinned cheekily and pat Kat on the cheek, she had gone red and warm in the face.

Adelaide wiggled her eyebrows behind her mothers back but retained her calm and poised face once Lady Abigail had turned around once again.

"Now I know this is a sensitive topic my dear, but I hope you understand your duty as a wife, especially one of a dukes heir."

Kat nodded and sighed, she though Lady Abigail was here just to see her not to lecture her.

"Now you are lucky since Eric father is not yet dead which means you have time, but not too much."


Kat exclaimed.

"We have only been married but three months, at least let us enjoy ourselves a bit!"

Lady Abigail laughed.

"Of course my dear! You keep on enjoying yourselves and children will just come about naturally."

This caused Kats face to heat up once again.

"But that is not what we are here for is it Adelaide?"

Adelaide looked like she could barely contain herself and brought out a slip of paper from her reticule and handed it to Kat.

"I am to be married next month!"

Kat examined the paper, it was invitation with the information required on it and she felt as if her heart could burst! She was so happy that people could finally come around to the idea of her sister and Mr Johnston. She knew Eric would be indifferent about it for he had promised to never bring the topic of the Adelaide and Lord Richmond debacle again but she couldn't care less about his opinion at that very moment for she was too happy.


After her mother and sister had left, Kat suddenly remembered that she had a task to do, to write a letter for the real Lady Katherine. She felt the sense of urgency now and that started to scare her, she didn't want to return.

She grabbed ink, a quill and a piece of paper and set it on the writing desk and put her pen to paper.

Dear Lady Katherine,

My name is Kat

"Katherine, who are you writing too?"

Eric stood in the doorway with a playful grin on his face and Kat smiled back but it was half hearted for her mind was in a different place.

"No one important."

Eric didn't say anything but he smiled and walked over to her before standing behind her. He began to place kisses on the back of her neck but she shrugged him off.

"Not now Eric."

He chuckled.

"So its important enough to ignore me?"

His tone was playful and Kat spun around in her chair to face him. She smiled fondly at him and sighed as his lips moved closer to hers. Eventually she sealed the kiss enjoying every last bit of it, who knew maybe this would be the last one.


Eric broke away and triumphantly held her letter in the air.

"Now I shall see what my smart little wife gets up too."

Kat felt her stomach begin to churn and she knew it was about time to reveal the truth to him, whether he would take it well or not was another question.

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