Chapter 5

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Izuku is trying his best to concentrate in the kitchen. He thinks all the time about this girl who came to the restaurant. He shakes his head and hits his cheek.

Izuku: I have to concentrate. I will put a lot of effort into her meal.

If someone were to see Izuku, they would think that a flame was burning in his eyes. A thick vapor fogs the entire kitchen, when the kitchen door opens again, the steam flies out and Izuku comes out of the kitchen with a plate. Izuku puts the food down with a smile in front of the girl.

Izuku: Here is your order, Cheese-Feathered Hanetsuki Gyōza. Enjoy your meal!

The girl turns her head a little to the side and asks in confusion

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The girl turns her head a little to the side and asks in confusion.

???: Aren't Gyozas like dumplings? Then why are chicken wings here?

Izuku chuckles.

Izuku: This is because I used the chicken wings as a bag for the touch. It has a much more intense taste.

The girl grins so Izuku can see her fangs.

???: Then I'll take a bite~

The girl takes a big bite from the gyoza and the moment the piece hits the tongue, she starts to moan.

???: So tasty~ What kind of cheese is this?

Izuku: It's parmesan, this cheese goes best with this dish.

???: It sure does~

After the girl has finished eating, Izuku takes the plate and brings it to the kitchen. He comes back to the girl who is resting her chin on her hand.

Izuku: Can I bring you something else?

The girl shakes her head.

???: No, I would like to talk to you a little bit~ I'm Himiko Toga, and you are?

Izuku: My name is Izuku Midoriya, nice to meet you, Toga san.

Toga: Hehehe, nice to meet you too, Izu-kun~

Izuku blushes a little and looks away, a girl has never called him that, of course he is surprised that a girl he hardly knows gives him such a name.

Toga: Hehehe,  your cute~

Izukus blushes just gets stronger and he tries to hide behind his hands.

Izuku: You're... pretty cute too...

Toga looks at Izuku with his eyes wide open. Of course, he notices this and thinks he did something wrong.

Izuku: I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said-

Izuku was interrupted by Toga who jumped on him and threw him on the floor.

Toga: Do you really think I'm cute?

Izuku is a little surprised that she asks such a question, but of course he thinks she is cute.

Izuku: Ahh... of course I think you're cute. Because you are.

Toga hugs Izuku and looks at him with a smile.

Toga: You are the first to say this to me, Izu-kun~

Izuku: That surprises me. Um, Toga even if I don't think it's that bad, but could you get up?

Toga pouts, but stands up. Izuku also gets up and Toga holds her hand out to him.

Toga: Can I have your number, Izu-kun?

Izuku smiles and gives her his cell phone, she exchanges the numbers and gives Izuku his phone back.

Toga: Well I need to go. I will call you Izu-kun~

Izuku: Goodbye, I hope you come over again.

Toga: Of course I will do that, I have to see my Izu-kun again~

With that she disappears and leaves a blushing Izuku.

Izuku: I think, I have a crush.

To be continued.

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