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It was only now, hearing Tyler's terrified scream, that I remembered the moment when I'd left Morgan asleep in the silo. I'd heard Bryce's gunshot, and I'd rushed straight to the granary.

And I'd left without locking the door.

I had no choice but to rush to the house. I had to risk being seen by my mom or Danielle. I had to risk even Shawn seeing me, if he was there.

When I reached the washroom, I saw exactly what I'd feared. But it was even worse than I'd imagined.

Tyler's pants were around his ankles. Morgan didn't have any clothes on at all. Her legs were locked around Tyler's waist. Her arms were locked around his neck. He'd fallen onto his back against a pile of muddy boots, and Morgan's pelvis was grinding away furiously as she perched on top of him. She was starting to moan.

They'd obviously been doing it. And they obviously . . . still were. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My little nephew Tyler and my best friend Morgan. Something innocent that lived deep inside me withered to dust.

"I'm so sorry," Tyler cried, pushing at Morgan without budging her. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. "I'm so sorry! I couldn't help it! I couldn't help it! Now she won't stop!"

I understood exactly what must have happened. Without another dose of antibiotics, Morgan's infection had progressed. Maybe even as far as stage three. Without being locked inside the silo, she'd wandered to the house in a libidinous stupor. Tyler must have been the first person she'd seen. Then she'd stripped her clothes. She must have been saturated with pheromones. Even now I could feel a strange, lustful dizziness just being near her. Tyler hadn't had a chance. He was just a teenager full of his own adolescent hormones anyway. He'd probably been tempted into letting Morgan seduce him, then he'd screamed out when he'd realized that he couldn't get her off of him.

I rushed to the floor and tried to pull Morgan away. But I couldn't believe her strength. Her legs and arms were locked so tightly around Tyler that I couldn't even budge them. The rigidity of her muscles must have been some strange effect of the pathogen.

"Get her off!" Tyler screamed.

"I'm trying, sweetie," I said. "I'm trying!"

Morgan's moaning grew louder. I pulled at her arms with all my might, and still I couldn't budge her.

"Morgan!" I yelled. "You have to stop. Snap out of it! Morgan!"

But she just clung more tightly to Tyler's body. She grinded her pelvis even harder.

"I'm so sorry, Aunt Ashley," Tyler wailed.

I tried again to pull Morgan off, but this only made her cling even tighter. She bit Tyler's ear. Tyler screamed, but she wouldn't let go. She just latched her teeth onto his flesh, started breathing heavily through her nose, and she refused to release her bite. . . 

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