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The Ferrari-Coleman family sat in a tense, awkward silence, granted 13 month old Luna only knew how to say a few words like mama, latte, más, and of course her favorite word, no. Lisa had gotten home late, the fifth time that week having missed dinner, again. She got home and found Serena out on the balcony that overlooked the ocean, playing with their daughter.

  "How was your day?" Lisa asked, knowing her wife was still adjusting to not working and being with their daughter all day.

  "Fine." Serena answered dismissively, clearly not wanting to talk.

Another beat of silence passed, "I could bring her to work with me tomorrow, drop her off at daycare."

Serena looked up from the odd contraption meant to teach their daughter her colors, "And what would I do. I have no friends here, my parents are in Italy. You are absolutely not taking her."

Lisa sighed, "I was just trying to help."

   "Well, you're not," She snapped, "You're supposed to be cutting back the hours non fare volontariato per fare un intervento chirurgico ogni possibilità che ottieni solo per avere un motivo per non tornare a casa."

Ringing from the doorbell rang throughout the mansion, signaling someone was at the door. Lisa took the opportunity to get away from Serena.

   "Dr. Lisa Coleman." A tall brown haired white man in a suite said once she answered the door.

Lisa furrowed her brows, not remembering the man, "Yes."

  "I have a proposition," he said, getting Lisa's full attention, "Can I come in?"

Having had enough of sitting on the floor, Serena moved to the lounge chair, watching Luna crawl over to the railing where she pushed herself up against the glass to stand up. Serena knew she'd be taking her first steps any day now.

Her phone buzzed, a request for a video call, she accepted without fully looking at who it was. Once the face of her best friend(even though the redhead had just turned 18 two months ago and Serena was 21, they were best friends nonetheless) appeared she let out a small squeal of excitement, happy to have an actual conversation that wasn't with a one year old.

"Hey, I haven't heard anything from you in awhile. Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine, just took longer then I wanted."

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