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“I am just saying it is common, not to mention cliché.” I look over at my best friend Rhys, who is smiling wryly, as we get ready for our next class. We met in grade school and have been best buddies since.

“And yet, you are the one who brought them together.” I scoff.

“No. The Matchmaker brought them together.”

“Which is you, Declan.” Feigning shock, I look around quickly.

Seeing no one is around, I put my index finger to my lips and say, “Ssshhh. Are you trying to give away my cover?”

“Like you care.”

“I do, and while we are on the topic, what provoked you to name me ‘The Matchmaker’ anyhow?”

“Because you said ‘Cupid’ and ‘Lovemaker’ are, and I quote, ‘the dumbest names ever and should be put in the farthest corners of Hell’.”

“Ah, but I didn't say ‘'dumbest’. I said they are the most outrageous. If you are going to quote me, I ask you to do it with pure validity.”

Rolling his eyes, Rhys replies, “The point is you gave me little creative work room to give you anything more exotic.”

“More like tasteful,” I mumble under my breath. Rhys throws me a “you really want to start this?” look. I just smile back cheekily at him. Shaking his head, he changes the subject.

“Did you at least remember we have our project assignments in our next period?”

“Last period of the day.” I muse.

“Think we will get paired up as partners?”

“We always do. I don't see Miss Edwards changing her ways now.” He just “mhms” at that. Despising complete silence, I try to keep the conversation going. “What is the project again?”

“Uhhhh. I do's some sort of presentation? All I know is we are just getting our partners today and that the assignment is due at the end of the semester.”


“Don't worry. You will have me. Easy A, Partner.” I smile and look down at the watch on my wrist. I insisted on constantly knowing the time so I can keep on schedule as well as know what will happen next.

“Well, let's get to class on time so we can keep that A.” Rhys nods at me and we rush off to Room 204.

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