The army life

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HEYY! I'm starting a new story didnt like my other one, and i dontknow how to delete it. lol Well this one is hard one for me because it could be so true and could be happening now. These stories are for the hero's fight for our country and trying to make a bette place. Hope you like it coment please so i know if i should continue or not. :) hehehe ENJOY!

Hi my name is Sara Fisher and I just turned 21. Most people on there 21 birthday have big parties with family and friends. Get drunk and party all night. Me I was on patrol on Tarin Kowt base. With my machine gun on my shoulder, I walk around the little town in Tarin Kowt. It is pretty quite so I let my mind wonder. I have been Afghanistan for almost a year now. Yes I am in the Australian army and im a women. I hear a women scream and it snaps me out of my trance, I turn around and run to the screams. I came to a pretty old small house. Just looking at it I knew the family was poor. I open the door and saw a distress women crying on the floor holding her young daughter. The man who I am guessing was the women husband, he was yelling at his wife in Arabic . I of course didn't understand any word that was been said. "Excuse me sir but what's the problem?" He looked at and realising I was there. "Who..who..who ..why are" he asked me in broken English. "I am solider in the Australian army, I heard you wife scream I though you were in trouble?" "No no no no....go away Yallah go away yellah!" the man tried to usher me out, but I stood my ground. I look at the women and see that see wasn't crying as hard any more. Her daughter was calming her down with words I didn't understand "Please go, nothing wrong is here" she pleaded. She had better English then her husband. I was still unsure about leaving, knowing men here hit and bash there wife's, women here still didn't have the same rights as we do in Australia. "Please go" The wife pleaded at me. The husband was looking at me with hatred well more decrease. I knew that look a lot of Arabic men here looked at me that because I was a women. I stood there still unsure if I should go or not. There was a knock at the door, I turn around to see one of the solider in my rank standing there. "Hey is there any problem here" he asked looking at the husband then to me. "this women, this..... sharmoota come barge into my house My HOME!" Thats when my I got angry. HE JUST CALLED ME A SLUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!

"excuse me but I heard you wife screaming and crying I though something was wrong!" I said to him calmly but strongly.He looked taken back, looks like a women has never stood up to him before, I gave him smug look knowing I have power over him. I wont stand here and get abuse by a man I didnt even know! The soilder that was standing by the door came and stand next me. "I think sir you need to calm down, me and this solider are about to leave" I turn to look at the wife again, she was stilll on the floor clutching her daughter with a worried look on her face. "I'll be coming here tomorrow to see if everything is okay" With that turn and walk out of the house. When I was about 100 metre away, I heard the heavy footstep of boots hitting the ground. Next thing I knew the solider in the house was next me. "Hey I'm Joesph" I didnt reply because I was still angry of being called a slut. "Hey is your patrol over?" I was stilling ingroned him, "hey" he said grabbing my arm trying to get my attentane. I turn to look at him and realising he was quite handsome, even though he has his helment and uniform on he still looked handsome. He had a nice tan skin from been in the sun too much, full lips and these bluesish greenish eye's. It was like looking into the ocean. I couldnt take my eye's off them. I look back to his full,kissable lips, that was turning into a smug smile. "Do you like what you see?" I immelity turn around and headed back to the base. I heard him chuckle to himself and catch up to me. "hey I didnt catch your name?" he had amusment in his voice, that just got me even more piss. "I didnt tell you my name" he started to laugh I turned around to him, and got him by surpirese "Excuse me buddy" "it's joesph" he interuped me "huh what? Oh joseph Im not having a good afternoon, so would just leave me ALONE" I yelled a bit in the alone part. " honey I cant do that now, were in the same rank" he said winking at me. "Agh" I turn around and walked into my army base. I nod to the to fromt guard soilders and made my way to the army hall. As soon as I open the door there was a brust of people yelling "Happy birthday" I stood there speechless. Joesph came behind and wispher into my ear "Happy birthday sarah" I turn around to see him, but he already left laughing towards his friends. I stood trying to smile while my mates coming up to wishing me a happy birthday. I tried to be happy but I wasnt, I couldnt get the little girl and the wife out of my head. The little girl looked like she was trying to be strong for her mother, but if you look into her eye's you could see the fear in them. I tired to block it out of my head, I seen worse here on my year tour in Afganistan. I looked around the little room in what we call "The dinner" People were laughing drinking out of there plastic cup. Most were drinking soft drinks that we got imported from America, Australia and around the world. There still some drinking alcohol. But no one seemed to notice or cared. I was still wondering around trying to find something to do when I heard my name called out, I turned around to see who was making the racket. But it was no eles but my bestfriends Ally "SAARAAH!" everyone turn to look at me, I blush not use to having this much attenation. "Omg I haven looking every where for you" she actully said "omg" like a teenager. Ally was a short girl about 5ft with short blond hair, blue eye and full lips. She had helemt off, but still had her uniform on. " I have been on portrol?" I asked her eyeing her off. "Did you do this?"Pointing around the room, she tried to look inccoent, which would get every guy here falling to her feet. "Ally?" I asked again. " Oh come on it's your 21st birthday you are meant to celebrate it, I only asked some of the cooks to do some extra nice and some food, they were just to happy to help, and the cooks told some of the people and then every one in our rank were to happy to help out and celebrate!" she was just getting excited by telling me the story. "Ally you promise you wouldnt tell anyone!" I really didnt like being in the centre on attenation, people always asume something from you, and judge you if they dont get what they wanted or though of you. "Oh Sarah its your 21st birthday you have to celebrate it, and I dont care if you say we are in the army or not" I sigh knowing I lost this battle. I look at Ally wondering how on the earth she got into the army. Dont get me wrong she strong, god she is wrong, but she looked frail and easily broken, which she not!She love fashion and getting all dress up. I always wonder if she just join the army because I did. I shake my head knowing that wasnt true. Me and Ally basicaly grew up with the army and navy around us. You see my dad was in the army he was Segant but he died in combat, Ally well her mum was in the navy and her dad was in the army. Her dad and my dad were bestfriends. I hfelt some one tap me on my shoulder and I turn around to see who it was.

Joesph! Oh lucky me (ha notice the saracram) "what do you want?" I asked quite rudly. He prented to be hurt placing a hand to his heart and a schock face, but his eye's holded amusment, his eye's, his beautiful ocean eyes. I meantly slap myself and look at him again, but not in his eye's. "Gosh im hurt, I just came here to wish you happy birthday" I ignored his coment and rolled my eye's. "how do you know my name"

"well you pretty well known around this base, I heard you father was a legened and you are following into his footsteps. That attack at Iraq was pretty impressing, consindering you basically save all your men" he said to me with a wink. Yes Iraq that was the frist place I went to when I finenshen my army training. It was the hardest two months of my life!


I was in the back of a army carrier and we were doing our normal potrol, everyone though it was going to be a quite one, there hasnt been any bombing or attacks today, which got me really nerves. There is always a bombing attack almost everyday in Iqar, whatever they are planing, it will be big, and going to be hard. While my mind started wonder I stare at the people in my potrol group, we were a new grouop, there was me (the only girl) and four other men. There was Jack the yanky (American) he was 28, well built, brown eye's with blond hair. He was the joker, always laughing and telling a joke, then there was Sam, he was a New Zealand, he was the baby in our group, (not encluding me I was only 19 then) he just turned 20. He quite handsome, well build, tan skin, and a very light blue eye's with black hair. Then old timer the captain of our group (he wasnt that old but oldest in our group) he was 33 well build (see the patteren here all men here was pretty build ;P) green eye's and blond hair. Then last one was Clay, he was the quite one, he never talk much but he was really good with the machion gun. Everyone was really quite and that was strange for my qroup, even Jack wasn't making a joke. Thats when it happen, there a ear pircing shot that came threw the front screen and killed our driver in a instene. The car swive off the road, chucking as around like rag dolls in the back. The car stop in a holt smashing into a tree. Thats when the machion started to start shooting at us. Me and my men climbed out of the car and hide behinded it. Suddleny a pircing scream, I turned to my left, the young New Zealand was shoot in the leg, blood was flowing freely and fast from his thigh from where he got shoot. My men started to panik shooting from the machion guns wildly, they werent even hit the targets. There was heavy thud and I turn and look at my patrol captain on the floor dead with a bullet hole right between his eye's. I sigh deeply because losing a soilder was a hard thing, they were are family here, they protece us and we do the same for them. I went back to my group given them orders, if we dont kill them they will kill us without any hestion and they were gaining on us fast. The men werent listen to busy shooting at random. The tabliband was too far away for us to hit, I grab one of the men and singal him to shoot higher. He got what I was telling him and told the other men to do the same. Soon enough we were getting the target. I turned to look at the New Zealand soilder still screaming in pain, tears flowing from his eye's. He looked like little boy, and I couldnt stand it. I run to the front of the car, bullets shooting everywhere around me, almost hitting me. I made to the front of the car, and cralw into the broken window, Glass breaking threw my gloves and pircing my skin. Pain shooted threw my hand and up my arm. But I kept going to till I got to the first aid kid. I crawled my way back, when someone grab my leg and pulled me out. I was thrown out of the car window and layed on my back with a thud. I look at up and saw a man looking at me with hatred. I knew I was going to dye, I wasnt scared but I still closed my eye's not wanting to see my death. I heard the bullet get shot, i waited for the bullet to hit but nothing came, I opened my eye's slowly to see the man on the ground with a bullet hole threw his head. I turn around to see the Sam on ground with a 9mm in his hand. I thank god, and ran to Sam to help with the blood and pain in his leg. After his leg was fully wrap, I went back to help my men. They were doing good job almost getting every target. There was a metlic blood smell in the air and death was all around me, I said a silent pray hopping no more of my men will die. There was helicop sound coming from behind us, if that was the Taliband we will be die or tourted, but if it is the Amercian or Australia we are saved. I turned around hoping it was one of us! YESSS!

I see a Australian flag stamp on the side of the black helicopter!I told my men and one by one they ran for the helicopter two men grabing Sam. I was the last to get to the helipcopter when there was a undescrible pain in my leg, and shoot threw my all body. I fell heavy to the ground, tears running down my eye's, there was no sound expect the screams of pain and it was coming from me. I was shot! As my head started to hit the ground I saw to boots runnig towards me and lifting me onto their backs. Last thing I knew was in the air.


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