Chapter 1: Le Struggle

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All of the Lights - Kanye West

Gabriel POV:
Ugh! I'm late! Damn! It's my first official day as the new stylist for Z Nasty, and I'm late already. Fucking traffic. I was supposed to be at the concept meeting for his new video but I know that is good as dead. I take off down the sidewalk trying to reach our offices. I've bumped into ten people and stumbled I don't know how many times. I make it. Happy that my stuff isn't in the street. Z kinda has a temper. He gets pissed pretty easily. To be honest, I like it. Authority turns me on.

"You're late," exclaims Z. Damn I wish he wasn't the first person I ran into. "I'm sorry, traffic didn't want me to make it. It will never happen again," I say. He seems to visibly settle. But the shit that can be going on in his mind, scares me. He walks out of the lobby and heads to his office. I slide into mine which is directly across from his. So he could be looking into my soul right now.

"You have only one job and you're fucking it up already. I love you but you gotta do better," says Marcus. He's my best friend and also lives directly across from me. I fake laugh. "Nice to see you to Marcus. It's been a long day already. Can you spare me a speech," I groan.

"OK I won't give you a speech just advice. Call an Uber. They know all the quickest ways through the city. I literally got here thirty minutes early today," he says. I made sure to write that down. "Thanks. You wanna grab lunch a little later," I ask. "Actually Lo wants me to go somewhere later and Desi has already asked me to lunch. Sorry, dinner though?" I ponder on the offer and accept,"You're paying." He offers no rebuttal, just gives me some dap. "Lo needs me so see you around seven." I nod and he leaves.

"Your ass could possibly be grass. Sorry to say boo," a voice says. Can only belong to one person, April, his assistant. "First off, why is everyone saying "sorry"? Then, I know I'm terrified to know what he's thinking," I examine. She sits on my desk,"Look, we love you, but Z is about his money. You not being there for a new video project is a major strike. He only gives so many chances."

"April, I'm honestly scared. I love working here. I don't wanna find another one." "Calm down. The fact that you're still here now means he sees something in you. Trust me the last stylist he had didn't last a month. Besides your eye for style is better than theirs. Give him a minute to calm down, stay clear for about two or three hours." She kisses my forehead. "Alright, I have to go. I have a location to scout for and reserve." April runs to her office grabbing her purse and blazer, waves at me and disappears through the door.

I continue to look over the look book I created for Z adjusting things here and there. My day goes pretty smooth. I see him every now and then but it seems as if he's kinda forgotten about me. That hurts a bit. Ugh! Why do I have to have feelings for my boss? April returns,"OK good news. I got the place reserved. Now the kinda iffy news. I got Z's lunch and he wants to see you in his office. Also a note. If he was going to fire you, you would not still be here and he would have me looking for a new stylist. Plus, like hours have passed he's possibly over it. Take that look book with you to seem like you care about this job."

I get up slowly, kinda shaky. I've been trying to avoid him all day. I grab the book and follow April, wanting to hide. "Z here's your lunch. A Caesar chicken wrap, with extra dressing on the side, signature chips and a sweet tea. Also Gabriel is here with the look book to get the low down on the concept. Be nice." April leaves me with this sexy Adonis of a man. The bad things I wanna do to him. I watch as he gestures his hand for me to take a seat.

My eyes can't help but rake over his body. His chocolate skin with bulging muscles in his fitted tank top. Gorgeous full lips, strong jawline and piercing eyes make my soul melt. Z, why are you so sexy? I hope I said that mentally.

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