01 :: milk tea & pork broth

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[ a taekook fanfiction.]

❝ i'm gonna be so dominant, you're
gonna be begging me to fuck you! ❞

❝ one, tops don't ever talk like that. two,
it's jimin you wanna fuck, specs, but
i guess m'flattered. ❞

where a loser and a fuckboy make
a special deal, but it's all fun and fake dates
until one accidentally falls in love.

+ taekook, vmin, & other ships
+ sexual themes, strong language
+ tons of fluff, crack, and some angst
+ potential slowburn warning!! 
+ my stupid attempt at being funny
[ i hope you like it (: it might be cliche,
but honestly, this book is just for fun! ]


Kim Taehyung was used to being the 'ugly' friend.

Terribly lanky, baggy clothes, hair that didn't ever want to cooperate, and a pair of glasses he couldn't get rid of unless he wanted to be completely blind. He wasn't really an eye-catcher, but more of the type to send people sprinting the other direction.

He was the friend that people asked for his other friends' (who were a hundred times better looking) phone numbers. Taehyung was that one loser people based all their jokes about, and the guy that never went to parties but stayed home to play videogames until his brain was fried.

The only thing he was good for was math homework answers and free hallway passes. Not hookups, or heat in the moment kisses.

People forgot about Taehyung, and when they did happen to remember him, it was always as the 'ugly' friend. The pathetic guy that followed Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok around school because nobody else would take him into their friend group. 

"Park Jimin is so fucking hot it's unfair."

"And I'm so fucking ugly it's unfair," Taehyung sighed, resting his chin on the cusp of his palm, watching the aforementioned laugh at something one of his friends said.

Usually after school, the student population flooded into the streets of the downtown area near their high school the second classes were out. The majority of teenagers crammed into Sunshine Sips, a boba shop owned by the Jungs.

Along with Taehyung and Hoseok, and probably twenty other high school students dying for milk tea and an aesthetic snap for their instagram story, was Park Jimin and his bunch— aka the most handsome boy in school and his three other extremely good looking friends waaay out of Taehyung's league.

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