16 Gone Forever

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"This is how it looked like," William handed over the drawing of the Time Machine to Lorna.

Lorna had invited him to her house for a chat. She had lent him her car to take Eliza home and since he had to return it to her, she asked him to take some time off from his futile activities and visit her.

Lorna didn't know that he was Eliza Scott's future husband.

Lorna looked at the drawing very observantly.

"This is a Time device?" she questioned him.

"Yes," he confirmed.

"Are you playing games with me, Mr Ray? That looks nothing like a time device," she said, placing the paper on the table between them.

Lorna Diaz lived in a mansion. A beautiful, posh mansion with glass doors and windows all around, except Lorna's study which she liked to keep private and she had welcomed William to take a seat there.

"Maybe you should ask Harvey," William suggested. "He built it or at least that's what he told me."

Lorna looked at him, curiously and William looked down to observe the luxurious carpet under his feet.

"How do you know Harvey?" she asked making him glance back at her.

"I know him from my time," he informed her.

"I know you do and that's why I am asking. How do you know him? Are you two close in the future?"

"No. I..."

"Look...William, don't lie to me. I saw the nervousness in Harvey's eyes when I offered you the teaching job. At first, I thought he was just doubting your capabilities but then I remembered that Eliza studies in the Uni too and I have somehow managed to put two and two together," she stated her thoughts.

"What do you mean?"

"I think that you share a relationship with his daughter in the future. Tell me now, are you Eliza's friend?" she raised an eyebrow as she took a sip of the red wine from her glass.

William had a drink too but he didn't even touch it because he remembered the last time he got drunk. It didn't end very well.

"Well...no," he said.

He could tell her the truth. There's no trouble with that, after all, she was helping him.

"She's my wife," he exhaled.

"What?" she looked at him as if she hadn't caught his words.

"Eliza Scott is my future wife. I am Harvey's son-in-law," he repeated and it felt so good to get that off his chest that for a moment a small smile claimed his lips.

Lorna stared at him, blinking her eyes, trying to process the information and then, all of sudden she stood up, placing the wine glass down and crossed a step to reach him.

"Oh, sweety...I am so sorry," she said as she gave him a hug pressing his head to her bosom.

William froze at her sudden display of affection. She let him go after a few seconds.

"I am so sorry, William. I had no idea! Look what mess I have put you in. You are your own wife's teacher!" she exclaimed, taking back her seat at the other end. William felt his cheeks heat up.

"No. It's fine," he said, running a hand through his hair.

"No. It's not. If you want you can quit the job," she offered.

"No. It's really fine. I am having fun."

"Did you meet her?"

"Yes," replied William.

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