Why I don't like MHA

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first and most obvious

the main character: he is just...obnoxious...im sure he gets better with other seasons and that but as it stands i dont like him....

the whole idea: see the super hero school or college or education shit was a pretty interesting idea at first...but at this point how is being invisible while naked a super power?

wowie someone has the characteristics of a frog

its just not interesting to me whatsoever also call them powers...mutations...deformities whatever you have to not fucking "traits" or some shit

The community: i don't have to explain this one do i? as with all communities...there's a certain...air to it that i can't stand

like instead of me saying "i dont like MHA" and someone explaining whats good or bad about it

they often  just either get somewhat angry or just say "go watch it"

To be honest....i don't really give a shit about MHA anymore...i just thought i'd put this out there for anyone who dares tell me to watch it again

its just not the anime for me

P.S: Deku is a faggot and i hate him cuz he kicked my ass on jump force

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