the first time (Mulan X Shang one-shot)

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AN: Okay, so this is a short story of Mulan and Shang on their honeymoon and making love for the first time. Might be descriptive, might not. Read at own risk.

       Mulan turned her head upwards and smiled up at her newly-wed husband. Her husband, it was nice hearing that. She turned back and looked at their new home. Suddenly, Mulan was swept off the ground by Shang, and she started laughing. "What? Am I not allowed to carry my wife into the threshold?" Shang asked with a smirk on his face. "No, no. You are, I just wasn't expecting it. That's all," she replied between gasps for air. Shang looked down on her with love and adorement shing in his eyes. "You're my wife, and I love you. I want to do this right." Mulan blushed and turned her head back to the door. "I love you too. And if you really want to do this right, lets head through the door then." Shang started walking and opened the door. The house was beautiful; it had a low cieling, and light tan walls. There were paintings of cherry blossoms on vines all over the walls. Pots with stalks of bamboo decorated the halls and doorways. Hanging above the mantel piece was a pair of kantanas, crossed in an X shape.

       Mulan's eyes widened at the simple beauty of the house, a wide smile gracing her lips. "Home, we're home." Shang chuckled and readjusted his grip on her. "Yes, we are." As he continued carrying her to the bedroom, she looked around, taking in all of the nature inspired art.

        Shang gently laid her down on the bed, looming over her and giving her a smile, filled with love and adoration. Her eye lashes fluttered as she looked up at him, smiling back. That smile. He loved it. Actually, scratch that. Shang loved everything about Mulan, from her soft hair, to her fierceness, and unwavering loyalty.

       "Are you sure you want to do this? I can wait until you're ready, however long that is. I only want what makes you happy." 

      At his words, she blushed even more. "You're too sweet. I'm glad I get to see this side of you. Of course I want this, I love you, and this is something people do when they love each other. We've already committed the sacred union, now all that's left is to join our bodies and become one physically." 

       Grinning, Shang nodded and kissed her, with a burning passion. Her lips reached his as she raised her head up. The kiss was deep already, and Mulan deepened it further. Not breaking the kiss, she began to undo the ties on her shirt, and tossed it to the side. He did the same as well, with his own shirt, and began to take his belt off her pants. As he removed her pants, she licked his bottom lip, and he parted his lips, allowing entrance. Her tongue slid in, like it had so many times before, and wrapped around his tongue, starting a war with the flesh in the mouth.

        His left hand slid up her side, and gently caressed her breast, his other hand holding him up. Mulan shivered, letting out a quiet moan into the kiss, and arched her back slightly, pressing into his hand. Shang continued caressing it, and tweaked the nipple between his fingers, causing her to gasp. His caresses became rubbing, and he rubbed her breast hard, and kissed his way down to her neglected one.  Still rubbing, he began sucking on her other nipple, lightly biting down. Mulan was writhing, a moaning mess, under his touch. Panting quietly, she felt something spark in her vital regions, something she had never felt before. A small bit of liquid trickled down her legs, as Shang continued to fondle her chest. Shang noticed this, ceasing his playing with her breasts. Chuckling, and smirking, he ran his hands up her legs, massaging her inner thighs. She blushed, and closed her eyes.

         Her eyes didnt stay closed for long though; they flew open, along with a moan coming from her mouth. He had stuck two of his fingers inside of her, and began pumping them in and out, hitting key points. More liquid flowed down her legs, as he continued to do so. There was no rythym to his fingers, the pumps were eratic, and kept switching from long and short, along with her breathing. A quiet cry escaped from her lips when his fingers went the deepest possible, along with a shudder, and her climax. Sticky, white juices coated his two fingers as he pulled them out, and he licked it slowly off, savoring the taste. "You taste good, great actually." His voice was husky, and he removed his pants. Having gone commando, his member was automatically revealed, and the only way to decribe it was, Mulan thought, gorgeous. It was long, muscular and erect. She wanted it inside of her, now, she needed it to fill her, and bring her to the edge. Shang sensed this and captured her lips with his own, as he slid his member into her. She gasped quietly into the kiss, and srunched her eyes shut.

     He slid out and moved back in, groaning softly. With this, there was a rythym. His thrusts were slow and deep, but gained speed as he went along. Droplets of sweat covered both of their bodies, and mixed sounds of moans and grunts could be heard. Throwing her head back, her long hair fanned out behind her, Mulan let out another cry, one of ecstasy. Her body moved of it's own accord, with a natural instict. Rolling her hips, and bucking them up to meet his thrusts, she had never done stuff like this before, yet her body instictively knew what to do. Her hands ran up his toned arms, and she slid them onto his back, gripping it. 

        Shang felt her fingers dig into his back, and he groaned, thrusting still. He thrust into her deeper and harder, pounding almost. He held onto her hips tightly, and spread her legs wider. Hitting her pleasure spot, the most important and sensitve one, she moaned loudly, whimpering as well. It no longer hurt, having something this big inside of her. It felt natural and pleasureable, even more so than his fingers, which caused only a fraction of the initial pain. Her muscles clenched, tightening around his member. Juices leaked and flowed out from between her legs and she climaxed, crying out again, loudly. Shang was near his climax too, so he thrust into her a final time, the deepest yet, and moaned, spilling his seed into her. He pulled out and collasped next to her, breathing heavily. They both lay there, panting and covered in sweat, and their bottom regions with the mixed liquids.

      Mulan turned her head to face him, and she said while blushing, "I love you." He smiled at this, and pecked her cheek lightly. "I love you too." Hearing his reply, she closed her eyes, and rested, slowly falling into slumber. Shang fell asleep too, the smile still on his face.

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