she comes home to find you asleep

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She closed the door behind her as she stepped inside. It's late, a little after two am and she's been caught up at the studio for most of the day, spending most of it working on the new song she's been writing for you and she managed to finish most of it before she called it quits for the day.

She kept her footsteps quiet, making sure she took her shoes off by the door so her feet could just pad quietly against the stairs. She didn't expect you to be sound asleep on the couch.

But the sight was one that made her heart melt.

Your lips were parted as small snores escaped them. The tv was on, although it was quiet, and the remote had slipped out of your grip and landed on the floor in front of you long ago. Your eyes were squeezed shut, your hair was fanned across the pillow you had your head resting on. You looked comfy, but also a little cold without her warm embrace.

She crouched in front of you and rubbed your back until you stirred. "Ash?" You opened your eyes and saw her smiling at you. "Hi, darling. I'm sorry to wake you but you fell asleep on the couch. Let's get you to bed." You sat up and rubbed your eyes before taking her hand that she was holding out for you.

It felt like the walk to your bedroom was longer than usual. You could feel Ashley's hand on your back the whole way, the feeling of it moving over your shirt helped you to keep your eyes open.

And when you finally reached the bedroom you fell right onto the bed, burying your face in your pillows as your girlfriend started to get ready to climb into bed next to you.

You were so tired that you were basically asleep when she did lie down next to you. She simply smiled and pulled the covers over you. "I love you. Sweet dreams, y/n." She turned the lamp off and put her head on your back, moving as close to you as she could before letting her eyes close.

And right before she fell asleep, she heard you whisper softly. "I love you too," and she couldn't help but smile as she drifted off to sleep with you in her arms, where you belonged.

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