Chapter 22

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Kat didn't understand the outrage of everyone once the news was announced, she thought it would be happy news but apparently she was wrong because as soon as the words were said Lady Abigail had rushed Adelaide home without a second glance. Now Kat sat in the parlor of Lady Abigail's house comforting a teary Adelaide whilst Lady Abigail continued to sob louder in her bedroom to show off how her grievances were more important. Kat ignored her.

"I really don't see the problem with all this."

Sighed Kat. She was snuggled up on the sofa with Adelaide who was crying into Kats chest, they were all of a sudden really close and Kat didn't mind, she liked having a sister.

"I think that fall caused you to forget the basic rules of society, you do not lead on a rich man and then reveal your secret engagement to a mere country gentleman."

Adelaide began to quietly sob again but Kat scoffed.

"You did not lead Lord Richmond on, you ignored him every chance you could and even I could tell you had no interest in him, its not your fault he couldn't take a hint."

"It isn't?"

Adelaide sat up and wiped her eyes with her handkerchief.

"Mother would have me believe it is."

"Of course not!"

Kat was beginning to realize how ridiculous all these societal rules were.

"I mean it was wrong of you to hide you engagement, for..."

She paused but Adelaide interjected.

"Four months."

"Yes, four months, but surely mother can understand if you're truly in love with him."

Clearly Kat was wrong because Adelaide began to sob again and buried her face in Kats shoulder. 

"No she doesn't because she has never loved anyone or anything in her life she is a cold heartless being who didn't even love father and only wants to social climb!"

Her voice was muffled against Kats dress which was now wet on the shoulder but she pat Adelaide's back and hushed her.

The door to the parlor swung open to reveal Lady Abigail in her nightgown and cap looking rather distressed.

"Is that what you truly believe of me?"

For once her voice was quiet and not loud and shrill. Adelaide sat up quickly and tried to compose herself, looking out the window and refusing eye contact with her mother.

"Oh my darling Adelaide I do love you, don't you ever say that I don't love you again!"

As if there hadn't been enough crying already, the two women began to cry again and the fell into each others arms.

"I only pushed the match between you and Lord Richmond because I cared for your well being I didn't want you to end up a sour old woman wishing you had married a richer man just because you wanted the nice dresses!"

Adelaide laughed through her tears.

"Oh no I could never, I love William too much for that!"

Lady Abigail laughed too.

"What a mess we are in!"

She pulled Kat into the embrace and kissed her on the cheek.

"Besides I have one titled daughter, I do not need another."

They all laughed and Kat felt even herself begin to tear up.

"But what of the papers and the gossip, I am going to be ruined!"

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