"So tell me something about your dad. I know your mom was an amazing leader, where did your dad come from?" Jake asked me after the waitress took our order.

"Well he was in the IW as well. Who would have guessed that? And what I have heard he stood by my mom, gave her everything and always put her first. When they had to go anywhere he would always go in front of her. He made my whole room, bought everything and even made me a grib." I told him. The more I had learned this morning with Christina the more I have come to hate the DA. I wish they haven't killed them, they could have just taken me. Their love seemed so perfect, so strong and they seemed so happy. It brakes my heart to know they were killed, that they didn't have longer time together.

"Wow. Sounds like I would have had to use my whole life to prove I'll be good enough for you if he loved you that much before you were born." Jake said giving me a warm smile.

"Yeah I think so too. Now you only have Derek and Leo. Oh and let's not forget Lizzie, I think she's the hardest one." I told him laughing. That girl still managed to amaze me even after all these years.

When we were done we went home to me, I wanted to study a little plus I wanted to look okay good tonight. When I sat down at my desk to work Jake jumped up in my bed with one of my books and started reading.

And that was how Maggie found us a few hours later when she walked into my room. "Hi, do you want to join us for something to eat before we go to the pack meeting?" She asked.

"Yeah sure just give me a minute then I'll come and help." I told her turning around to look at her.

"Oh my god you marked her." Maggie said looking shocked. "I mean uhm congratulation." She said looking down from Jakes stare. I send him one back and he looked down.

"Yeah, we're going to tell people tonight." I told her giving her a smile.

"Wow. But please tell me I'm not the only one who got surprised, I mean no one thought you'd let him unless you had a ring on your finger." She asked me looking uncomfortable.

Shit I hadn't told the others. We hadn't told his parents. We had to do that before we told the pack. I looked up and saw Jake standing up. "Thanks for the offer Maggie, but I think we have to go now." He said sending me a questionable look.

I nodded and got up. "Yeah I'm sorry we do, we suddenly don't have much time." I told her as I grabbed a dress and my phone, sending a message to come over to Leo and Lizzies place at once. Why is it I know have had to call them like this in less than 24 hours. I didn't like how fast my life was going suddenly, not at all.

We got into Jakes car and drove over to them. Jake send me an apologizing look which I just dismissed. It wasn't his fault at all, it wasn't any ones fault, just bad timing.

When we arrived Lizzie opened the door with a puzzled look but let us in anyway. We walked into the room and found Leo and Em in the couch watching criminal minds. I walked over and joined them.

"That guy who plays Derek Morgan had one sexy voice" I said to Emily as I sat down beside her and Jake let out a small growl.

Em nodded. "Yeah, and he's not bad for the eyes either." She added making Leo cought to let us know he was there. I couldn't help but laugh at him a little, he was so sweet.

"So, not that your not welcome or anything but what are you doing here? Didn't you just leave?" Lizzie asked getting right to the point.

"I'll tell you when Derek get here. But where's Christina gone?" I asked her trying to change subject.

"She's just went to get some sleep." She informed me narrowing her eyes. She knew I was changing the subject on purpose. I took a hand over the hair I had in front of my neck and looked back at criminal minds.

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