100 questions of Rice Purity Test Score - 2020

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This test is comprised of 132 questions. It is similar to the other purity tests that are floating around (such as the 400, 500, 1000, 257, and about a dozen versions of the 100) in that it measures your general level of kinkiness. However, this test is specifically designed for those who score over 80% pure on most other tests and are giggled at and otherwise made to feel clueless. The questions on this test are worded gently for your virginal ears. Furthermore, unless you are a complete and total dweeb (nerd, Momma's boy, J.A.P., Daddy's little sweetheart) you cannot possibly score as embarrassingly high on this test as you did on those other (filthy, horrible) tests.

If this test whets your appetite, and you think you want to experience more, then get ahold of one of the other purity tests.

All questions in this test pertain to events that have happened at any time in your life, whether you were an infant or not. Let's face it: if you've got a 96.5% score on the 400-question test, you're going to need all the help you can get.

There is no passing or failing score for this test, but if you manage to score above 90% on this test, you are in serious need of help.
A "MOS" is a Member of the Opposite Sex. An "MSS" is a Member of the Same-Sex.


Section 1: Platonic Relations Have you ever:

Seen a MOS? Touched a MOS? Been in the same room as a MOS without anything steamy happening? Given a back or neck rub with no ulterior motive? Had your back rubbed, when the rubber had no ulterior motive? If you're not sure, then they probably did. Isn't it a sinful world? directly asked someone whom you were not going out with and had never gone out with if they were a virgin? Told anyone you were a virgin? Hugged or been hugged by a MOS? Secretly lusted after someone without that person knowing? Dropped subtle hints to someone whom you liked/loved, hoping that they would pick up on it? Dropped hints so obvious that the entire world notices, yet had that person pointedly ignore you?

Section 2: Auto-Erotica and Mono-Sexuality

"Don't do that! It'll fall off!"Have you ever:

Been aroused? Thought about being aroused? Tried to be aroused, but failed or just didn't know how? Uttered/muttered/yelled/screamed (or in other words verbally expressed) obscenities? You know, like "dang", "darn", "H-E-double hockey sticks", "fudge", and the like. Dreamed about a MOS, where nothing steamy happens? Fantasized about your long-term instructor, mentor, or someone who is superior to you? One day skydiving teachers, or two-hour ski instructors and the such do not count. Admittedly, you've got a lot of latitudes here, since most people are probably superior to you. Fantasized about your lawyer, doctor, nurse, or anyone else with whom you are having a professional relationship? Fantasized about anyone else not covered above? Mother, father, Pope, sister, brother, the whole family, etc. Seen the cover of a pornographic magazine? Seen the inside of a pornographic magazine? Understood the pictures? Opened a pornographic magazine, just so you could read a non-pornographic article? Read a dirty book (Harlequin romances count)? Stuffed you're bra if you are female, or stuffed your pants if you are male? Masturbated? (gasp) Had your hand falls asleep during masturbation? Been caught at masturbation? Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show or any other burlesque show? Seen the RHPS willingly? Seen blatant sexual objects? Condoms, dildos, nipple clips - that sort of thing. Made an anatomically correct snowperson or Sanderson or Mermaid? Wet your pants? Excreted in your pants?

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