Chapter 25~Prom incident

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"Jisung! Later night is Prom night!!" WooJin yelled excitedly, he was excited since its his first time dancing with Chan in prom, yes it was prom night and everyone was prepared.

Jisung borrowed Younghyun's old suit when he was his prom night and he was willing to donate it to Jisung when he got older, of course Jisung wore it.

"So, who will be your prom date? Chan?" Jisung asked and WooJin nodded "Of course, he already asked me!" WooJin said excited.

While the 3 were talking (because JeongIn was there) Minho walked up to them with a rose.

"Jisung" Minho said and the 3 looked at Minho "Will you be my prom date?" Minho asked and Jisung nodded "Of course I will" Jisung said and Minho gave him the rose.

"Guess who's going to prom with Minho?" WooJin said making Jisung smiling "Stop it!" Jisung said while covering his smile "Hm...HyunJin still haven't asked me out, should I ask him instead?" JeongIn asked "No JeongIn, HyunJin must ask first!" WooJin said "You've been watching too much kdramas" Jisung said judging WooJin.

Jisung noticed that HyunJin was walking behind JeongIn "JeongIn" HyunJin said and JeongIn turned around "Will you be my prom date?" HyunJin asked and gave him a rose.

"Yes!" JeongIn yelled and hugged HyunJin, HyunJin smiled.

But Jisung noticed something was off about HyunJin, it was like he forced himself to ask JeongIn out.

Jisung just thought maybe he was mad that he didn't gave JeongIn more than just a rose.

JeongIn kept looking the the rose HyunJin gave him "JeongIn stop" WooJin said, he was annoyed at JeongIn looking at the rose too much "What? Its like you weren't excited when Chan-hyung asked you out? This is my first prom date" JeongIn said and Jisung just giggled at the two.

Prom Night


Jisung was preparing for prom, Younghyun and Dowoon were helping him prepare for the prom.

"My little brother is so cute" Younghyun said looking at him in the mirror "I can't believe you're wearing my old suit, I feel so happy" Younghyun said and Jisung smiled.

"Younghyun-hyung, you're coming right? As a live band" Jisung said and Younghyun nodded "Yes, I'll use my new bass" Younghyun said and smiled.

After everything was done, Jisung took everything he needs including his phone and power bank.

They went to the school area and went to the party room, a lot of people were in beautiful dresses and suits, it was very fancy, unless if Day6 performed sweet chaos.

"Okay, we'll be going now Jisung, have fun" Younghyun said and Jisung went to find WooJin, he saw WooJin holding hands with Chan "Hey WooJin-hyung!" Jisung yelled and WooJin looked at his back and saw Jisung.

"Jisung!" WooJin said and the two hugged, after the hug, Jisung saw Minho walking towards them.

"Jisung" Minho said and Jisung couldn't stop blushing and smiling, Minho took his hand "Wanna come and drink?" Minho asked and Jisung nodded "We'll come!" WooJin said and Minho nodded.

The two had some fruit punches, while JeongIn was lost, he tried to find HyunJin.

After a while, he found HyunJin talking to another boy, JeongIn was confused but he saw him talking to another boy, he thought to himself it was friend so he went to get some food.

But he didn't know what HyunJin was doing. HyunJin was flirting with Song HyeongJun

While Seungmin was walking around, he saw HyunJin and Song HyeongJun talking to each other about stuff.

Seungmin was worried, so he listened to what they were saying.

"Meet me at the back of the school"

He heard HyunJin said that and Seungmin got curious, he thought to himself maybe he was cheating on JeongIn, Seungmin thought HyunJin could take care of him but what HyunJim is doing is making drama.

Seungmin needed to tell this to JeongIn, but in a really unsuspicious way.

He went to find JeongIn somewhere, luckily he found JeongIn just standing at the table full of food and fruit punch.

He was drinking with Jisung, Minho, WooJin, and Chan. It was Seungmin's chance, he went up to them.

"Hey guys" Seungmin said acting like he wasn't gonna say anything "Oh hi Seungmin, how have you been?" JeongIn asked "I'm okay, oh by the way if you wanna meet up with HyunJin later when Prom is over, he will be at the back of the school" Seungmin said and JeongIn was confused "How do you know?" JeongIn asked curious "He told me to remind you" Seungmin said and smiled and JeongIn just said 'Ah okay' and Seungmin left.

He waited until school was over, he knew JeongIn might get heart broken, so he waited maybe JeongIn might call him.

So prom, prom was pretty boring, just some dances, and danceracha danced, partying, eating, Day6 performing, and prom king prom queen.

After prom, Jisung and Minho waited for Younghyun and Dowoon, they were fixing there instruments.

"I had fun with you today Minho" Jisung said "Me too, I'm so happy to be your prom date and your boyfriend" Minho said and the two hugged.

"Hey Minho, need a ride home?" Younghyun asked, they were done fixing there instruments "Sure, that way I could spent more time with Jisung" Minho said and Jisung smiled "Alright, let's go" Younghyun said putting his bass and Dowoon's drums in the Van.
JeongIn went to the back of the school trying to find HyunJin.

He was curious why HyunJin would be in the back of the school, is it a surprise? He thought to himself, but when he found HyunJin, it was really a surprise, the surprise he ever had.

HyunJin and HyeongJun kissed, JeongIn was quiet, he was speechless, HyunJin then noticed JeongIn was standing "JeongIn...its not what it looks like!" HyunJin yelled and tried to grabbed JeongIn's arm, but JeongIn slowly walked back wards before running away.

HyunJin felt bad, he messed up.

"I'm so dumb"

JeongIn ran in front of the school gates, he cried when he got there, he was also out of breath from running, he took out his phone and called Seungmin for comfort.

After a few minutes, Seungmin arrived at the front of the school gates.

"JeongIn" Seungmin said and looked at JeongIn who had cried while waiting for him.

"Are you okay?" Seungmin asked and JeongIn shocked his head "No! I'm not okay!" JeongIn yelled, he started crying again, Seungmin comforted him by hugging him.

"Its okay, I'm here, remember what I said? I'll be standing here waiting for you" Seungmin said and JeongIn stopped crying.

"Shall we?" Seungmin asked "I'm not ready yet..." JeongIn said and Seungmin understand "Okay, I'll wait" Seungmin said and hugged JeongIn "Wanna stay at my place for to night?" Seungmin asked and JeongIn nodded.

The two then went to Seungmin's car.

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