Chapter 41: Treasure

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"Welcome to Yukon striker please fasten your seatbelts safely before pulling down the lap bars, thank you and enjoy your ride" The staff announced through her microphone.

"Katsuki make sure it's tight" I reminded him, since his secondary seatbelt was slightly loose.
"Even if I fall out this damn coaster I can survive with no effort" he talked back and proceed to pull the safety restraints.
Well he's not wrong for someone who can practically fly like a damn rocket launcher.

"Well now I do hope you fall" I ridiculed him.

"I will rip off that damned restraint and take you with me. TRY ME BASTARD" his head rose higher and shot me with a cocky smirk.
"That's not very civilized nor legal" I counter attack, blocking his smug response.

"Hoh~, is that a challenge?" He barked out as the car began to move.
"No, it's more of an advice cuz, it will go on your record, making it incredibly hard to get into hero agencies and sadly your dream of becoming the number one hero only drift further and further..... and further away. Am I right, sexy?" I smirk at him dramatically and suddenly a blaring creak encroach my ears and I almost hated it.

I was so lost nagging that I didn't even noticed that we are practically hanging off the top of the coaster.
"Fuck you and your sexy ass" Katsuki grits his teeth after having nothing to retort to my irrefutable statement.

Guess I'm the winner today..

Without any warning the coaster began to fall in god speed. The air blowing against my skin and my fluttering stomach caused me to release a shriek.

Once the ride was over we quickly scurried to the exit to look at our pictures taken.
"Pfft what the fuck is that face" Katsuki covers his mouth to muffle his laugh.

"I wasn't ready okay!" I told him but he just snicker.

My picture looks horrible with my face looking frightened like I'm being send to hordes of hungry lions ready to devour me, while Katsuki looks like his little pretty self with a huge grin on his face.

How did he even know where the camera was?

"How much for the picture?" Katsuki asked the staff behind the counter after he finishes his joy of making fun of me.

"Are you seriously going to spend money on that?!" I grumbled while he began to insert his debit card to make his purchase.
"Why it's worth it for a souvenir~" he swings the picture to my face making sure to engrave how horrible I look.

I mocked his words with a goofy face and muttered. "Go to hell"

Our day in the park slowly come to an end as we get on every ride as we possible can. We had such a good time, especially Katsuki winning games and basically beating high scores from every stand up carnival games we pass by.
Being the natural competitive gremlin that he is, he won grand prizes but we only took one, since it was all too large to carry around. He only cared about winning anyways, nonetheless I got what I had my eyes on, it was a huge mocha bear that I have planned to put beside my bed.

I sat on the bench as Katsuki order us drinks. I made sure that the Mr. bear which I haven't come up with a name yet also get a seat.

The glowing sun, a crisp circle in the golden sky began illuminating my skin as I stretch my sore legs and feet.
My voice is practically impaired from screaming my throat off in every ride, since Katsuki refuses to get on "boring baby rides".

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