(Qannen) walls only have one side

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Back at Qannen's bedroom, the torture/filming still has not begun. She's sitting patiently in the chair, waiting for filming to start, while the boys discuss angles, the language of the message, whether Grobe needs to disguise his face in the video (he doesn't, but wants to in the interest of adding to the dramatic tension). Qannen has been very helpful, offering amazing ideas about lighting and mood and backdrop. She has made repeated, cogent arguments about why she should get to pick out a new outfit to film in, but apparently Dzzahn and Grobe have an agenda and they're sticking to it no matter what. Frankly unbelievable. Whatever happened to creativity. Whatever happened to improv. Teamwork.

When Qannen starts paying attention again they're back on the argument about how to torture her.

Dzzahn: "I think breaking her fingers is still a great idea."

Grobe: "I'm just worried it's more effective if there's more blood."

Qannen: "Guys look, I'm on board and obviously I've been an integral member of the team so far, but do I really NEED to get tortured? Maybe if we establish our relationships more thoughtfully it'll help create a more impactful message. Like give people a reason to be invested in my torture, you know? Otherwise it just seems gratuitous."

Grobe: "You getting tortured is definitely part of this."

Qannen: "OK but gentle reminder? I didn't sign up? For torture?"

Grobe: "You didn't sign up for any of this, that's the point." An idea occurs to him. "Wait do we still have that lighter?"

Qannen: "wtf is that"

Dzzahn (worried): "You want to light her on fire?"

Qannen (intrigued): "You can light me on fire?"

Grobe pulls a small cylindrical thing out of his bag and grabs a piece of trash off the floor (technically it is not trash it is a wrapper from a Psych0sexualia lip blend that can be redeemed for an Awarebiary phyto-balance mood bullet once she collects 4 more of them but whatever). He holds both out, there's a click, then there's a flame, then the wrapper is on fire.

Qannen is like: !!!!!! You? can make? Fire?????

Dzzahn: "But let's not actually set her on fire."

Qannen (staring at Grobe, eyes wide, legs apart): "I am." (Exhales slowly.) "I am really turned on right now."

Grobe (snapping his fingers): "Heat up the multitool and scar her face. I like it. And then break her fingers."

Dzzahn: "Well,"

Grobe: "OK places everyone. Enough."

Dzzahn goes about setting up the camera while Grobe ties the bandana over his face.

Qannen: "I just wish you guys would let me play with the lighting a bit more. A little more investment in the the production values,"

Grobe: "I don't fucking care about production values I care about helping me people."

Qannen: "Your people? Your zero followers? Please." (Gives Dzzahn the get a load of this guy.) "Let's at least run our lines once, go over our motivations, sheesh."

Grobe: "Your motivation is to not die. Your motivation is to direct attention to our message. Our motivation is, being from outside the wall, to promote awareness of the injustices we face. Our motivation is to demonstrate to you vapid, boring, idiots that the things you do here don't matter, at all, and that real lives are at stake, and people are suffering, will continue to suffer, as long as Wood2 exists."

Qannen nods. "And when you say 'outside the wall', that's....?"

Grobe: "Like. The world."

Qannen: "No like. Outside the wall, when you say that. What does that even mean."

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