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TW: depressing themes, death, suicide attempt.

- - - - -

It was a peaceful night, something everyone would enjoy. Yashiro found herself hanging around with Hanako, since it was very late and Kou had to do chores at his home. A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the stars with her ghost friend, she had learned he was quite fond of the stars and had met up with him to see them.

This night they were especially bright, and while a part of Yashiro was happy she felt sad, she had been feeling like that for a while. Her time was limited and already written in her book, and Nene knew she couldn't do anything. But she still tried, then- a few days earlier it hit her: It's her destiny and it's very difficult to change something as big as that, so why even try?

A chill was sent down her spine every time she moved to get comfortable on the roof's floor, Yashiro's eyes were dull and she wasn't even paying attention to the stars.

Hanako was ahead of her grasping on the cold metal bars that prevented him for falling, even if she didn't want him to get hurt she wished she could take down those bars and fall back.

"Yashiro," She looked to Hanako "Is something bothering you?"

She should've expected that question to come, Hanako was quite observant even though he messed around a lot.

"Nothing's bothering me, w-why do you ask?" Cursing herself mentally for stuttering she nervously began to play with her hair.

"You don't talk as much as you used to, and you always look at the ground- It's quite concerning." The ghost pouted.

"Well, you really shouldn't worry. I'm good! Fine, great!" Letting out a laugh, the white haired girl stood up and went over to Hanako, looking down to see how high they were. Not wanting to push it further even if he was worried, Hanako looked up once again.

A sound was heard along the metal barrier shaking, he looked to his left to see Yashiro sitting on top of the bars, in a position that could falter and make her fall.

Grabbing her wrist tightly he spoke up, "What are you doing!? You could get yourself killed-"

"Well, what if I want to!? It's not like I have high chances of surviving an unavoidable death at a young age!" She screamed at him.

- - - - -

410 words, edited.

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