Sex Slave (3)

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OMG u guys i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO srry i havnt undated in the longest. school and stuff get in the way especially during this timee of year! Hope u guys r not madd at me :(. I promise i will start uploading more often.

A Girl named Sam

Part 3

Then i seen him!

His beautiful green eyes sparkled like the sun. He had curly dark brown hair that was messy. he had tan skin and a really HOT body. damnn he was soo HOT!

But i cant fall for him. I knoww i am just a slave. he can never love me even if i truly tried. Bcuz from now on i am his slave as he is my master.

As he was walking up i was admiring his sexy arms. They were buff, but not like body builder buff, buff enough where u can see his muscles through his beautiful tan skin.

As he was walking to me i got butterflies, every step he got closer i got more. Until he was standing directly over me.

He was about 5'8! 7 inches taller thn me without these heels. i can see him better now. his green peircing eyes are hypnotizing. i can stare at them all day!!

"like what u see.. SLAVE?" My new master asked me in a demanding tone. he was hot but damn he doesnt have to b soo pushy.. well now he is my master so i guess he is supposed to b like that.

"umm well.." i couldnt find the words cuz he caught me by suprise with his rudeness.

"your coming with me" he said and dragged me out of the auction.

tell me if u like it or hate it? wht kind of twist should i add to it??

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