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A shiny black Mercedes-Benz was steadily making its way towards a cafe and came to a stop just along the sidewalk.

When the front passenger door opened, a leg clad in black netted body stockings that disappeared into a red high heel, made to step down.
Quickly retreating in haste, the door forcefully shut with a bang. Quickly enough to rouse suspicion.

But Jade didn't notice this, he walked straight into the cafe, fat book in one hand and the other carelessly raking through his wind ruffled hair before pushing the door open.

He looked so harmless,

And beautiful.

Sean pushed the thought aside. He had yet to explain to his shaken secretary why he'd basically manhandled her yet all she was going to get was their morning coffee.

"Hey what the hell gives?" she asked, confused and a little bit angry.

Sean said the first thing that came to his mind. "I saw a snake on the sidewalk, I didn't think you'd mind if I saved your life."

"At least try to sound convincing!" she let out a sigh. Like she'd been putting up with shenanigans all her life.

"Renee! I literally just saved your life! Jeez, women these days huh?" he unlocked his door to get out.

"Where are you going?"

Sean stepped out of the car. "Making sure you don't actually die. Don't leave the car. I'm going to get the coffee."

"What? Since when?"

He didn't stick around to let her interrogate him. He walked into the cafe, a little chime announcing his entrance.

Once inside, Sean automatically scanned the place for Jade as he got into a queue, it wasn't even long but it wasn't Sean's cup of tea. Standing in lines or waiting for stuff.
And yet here we are.

Under false pretenses of chivalry towards his secretary of course.

He didnt remember giving his order because then he saw Jade.
Thankfully, his back was to him because he would have been noticed.
Not only because he was taller than most people the moment, but the man had a strong presence, not to mention he looked really out of place.

You didn't buy a twenty eight thousand dollar suit and stand in line for coffee, like it was a casual thing.

At a table, Jade sat across a guy who looked his age and they were both engrossed in whatever they were talking about.

Sean had never seen Jade this way, or any other way. He didn't just chat with people...no, he really didn't.

In fact, he knew nothing about Jade, not that he wanted to.
Then why are you picking up the morning coffee?

Jade wore a navy blue shirt that stretched and showed more skin as he leaned forward, like he was trying to get a point across.

A light tap on his shoulder was the only thing that pulled his attention away from the pair.
He took his coffee and walked as slowly as possible.

Leaving the cafe a little amused and not quite believing that that was Jade.

Sean decided to do something stupid when he got to the car, he texted Jade.

How's breakfast? Who's the guy? Oh and nice jeans.


Jade was carried away in his discussion with Brady.
Brainstorming about various things law wise was one of his best ways to start a day. For him law was a passion, he was fully in.
And now they were trying to decide what the best topics were to put in their dissertations.

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