Chapter Twenty-Eight

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I didn't sleep at all during the night. Kevin could tell something was bothering me and he kept trying to snuggle. It helped calm me down but did nothing to help the dark circles I had under my eyes in the morning.

I stayed in my room until I heard my parents leave for work, then I got up, got dressed, and left the house. Down the street was a diner that had some of the best pancakes I have ever had. It was also very populated and the perfect meeting place to talk to Vince about my weird abilities.

When I entered the diner, I didn't see him. So I took a seat and waited. The waitress came around and I ordered the pancakes. But the longer I sat there, the more my stomach twisted into knots. I wasn't sure if I would even be able to eat them.

Eventually, Vince walked into the diner. He spotted me and walked over and sat down across the table. When he sat down the air got a little warmer and I couldn't help but wonder if it had anything to do with his fire ability.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" He asked while looking through the menu.

"You're the person with all the answers apparently. Shouldn't you talk first?"

He chuckled. "How am I supposed to explain anything when I have no idea what you are confused about?"

I pressed my lips together. "What am I?"

"Honestly? We have no idea."

"What do you mean you have no idea? You said that I was one of you guys."

"Yeah, and you are. But we have no idea who we are either." 

The waitress came by to take his order so I had a second to process exactly what he was trying to tell me. How could he claim to have all the answers if he had no idea what we even were?

When the waitress left, he spoke. "I know you must be confused now, but trust me I can explain."

"Please do." I leaned back and crossed my arms in preparation for whatever bullshit he decided to throw my way.

"We don't know what we are, because we don't know where our powers come from. We've had them for a few centuries now, and we know where we got them, but we don't know where that thing came from or what it is."

"You're losing me."

He started rubbing the back of his neck, looking like he was trying the find the right words. "Okay, so we all used to be normal humans, like everyone else in this diner. Then, one night our founder picked up a weird-looking rock crystal in the forest. It was surrounded by a small crater so it looked like it fell from the sky. When he picked it up, he felt some sort of power transfer to him from the rock crystal. Only, we call them relics."


"And he could no longer be injured. Well, he could be injured, but he healed immediately so it caused no damage."

So many questions were rolling through my brain. "So, we get our powers from crystals? Like the crystal I used in the forest on... like that one?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Nah, those are a little different. Those we basically get extra powers from, but no permanent use. The relics that I'm talking about change us. And make us able to use the crystals."

I set my head in my hands. I was starting to regret asking him for answers because it's just making me more confused. "So, a relic would change a human into some weird superhuman and allows that superhuman to use crystals?"

"Yes. And no. Because depending on what kind of relic changes you depends on what kind of crystals you can use."

The waitress brought our food out and I just stared at it. I definitely am regretting asking for answers because I am sure as hell not getting any.

"Okay, so let me try to explain this-"

"Because that's been working out so well."

Vince shoved an entire pancake into his mouth and shrugged. "It's worth a try," he said when he swallowed. There was blueberry syrup drops on his chin.

"So, my ancestor was changed by a red relic. That means I can only use red crystals."

"So, whatever color your relic is, you can only use that color crystal?"


"I'm getting real tired of you saying that. Obviously you aren't as good at explaining as you thought."

"Look, it's just all very complicated. I'm giving you a very watered-down version. Now, do you remember Ethan? The other guy you met?"

"You mean the one even more annoying than you?"

He gave me a look. "Yes, him. Now, his family was changed by a purple relic and he can use purple, blue, and red crystals."

I nodded, finally starting to piece it together. "So, it's based on color and what colors make up your color?"

"Yes." He looked so relieved that I was finally getting it.

I remembered the knife with the crystal in it that I used back in the forest. "So since I used a yellow crystal-"

"You were probably made with a yellow, green, or orange crystal."

"I don't think I was the affected party," I said."

Vince shrugged and ate another monster bite of his pancakes. It was a little disturbing to watch him eat. "If it wasn't you then it was maybe your parents or someone even further down your genetic line. The change the relic makes is hereditary."

"My parents." The picture of my birth came to mind. The woman who looked almost exactly like me. If I was adopted, it was possible that my parents would have no idea about any of this. But my birth mother did. Why would she leave me all alone?


I know I missed the last two days. It's hard getting back into a routine of writing when you haven't for so long. I know that's not a good enough excuse but it's the truth and I'm sorry. I'll try to be more consistent in the future.

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