Chapter 35

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"Please Marco. Please don't do this you love me and I love you." Elisabeth begged. "I never loved you. And don't act as if it's a shock because I told you that I did not love you before we got married. I told you that Athena's mother was the love of my life and that adds for you I felt sorry but you are a single mother. I knew you for a while through connections and I just desperately wanted Athena to not missed out on the Family." He said. "As for loving me you never loved me you loved my money you love the power that you got from my name and that was it because if you loved me you would have never then what you did to my precious daughter. Athena is my whole life and no one will change that." Marco continue to explain.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to I promise I will apologize just please put me and my daughter go." Elisabeth cried out. "You think the apology will work for almost killing Athena. Not to mention you could have put my grandchild at risk. No sweetie you see when Athena was born that's the day I lost her mother and I promise to become a new more gentle more forgiving person. I thought the reason why I lost my wife and my child had to grow up mother list was because of all my wrongdoings. However now I see that you got so bold to harm my little girl probably because the fact that you thought I was soft. Well now I'm going to show you exactly how I became a leader and why I will always be a leader." Marco says as he starts to peel back her skin starting at her fingertips.

Ear piercing screams vibrate through the room and my heart races with excitement. We have about an hour left until dinner and both of Elisabeth hands have been peeled to their wrists as of now. Therefore I come up with a clever idea. "Well gentlemen we have about an hour until we have to be sitting at the dining room table with are angel. So I say that's about a given take a half-hour worth it play time if you factor in having to shower and change clothes. So why don't we do this why don't we let Elizabeth hang out for a while and get her bearings while we move on to Katherine and get her started because you know ladies this isn't going to end in one day. Your torment to Athena didn't end in one day did it so why should your punishment and in one day plus I kind of like having my plate time it relieves so much stress." I explained.

Philippe get up and walks to Katherine. He grabs her by the hair and says... "This time I will be helping. For you trying to take my grandchild away from me and my great-grandchild. The last bit of family I have in this world so therefore I'm going to have so much fun returning the favor." He spoke in a Gravely manner.

Caleb goes and unhooks Katherine bringing her to the masseuse. This is a chair that I've designed it's big and wooden and you sit on it like one of those massage chairs where your back is open to the world. When she strapped in I decide it's time for another history lesson. "Alright ladies and gents time for another history lesson. You see I designed this chair specially for this particular punishment. Back when vikings ruled the world. It was said that the most gruesome Clans where the more feared Clans. The more feared clans were the more powerful Clans. Therefore there was one Northern Viking clan that came up with one of the most gruesome torture methods known even to this day." I explained.

"It's called the bloody eagle but I am going to call it the fake angel. I picked this one for you Katherine because you've always walk around pretending to be something that you're not. You put on an act that you're sweet and kind an innocent like an angel when really you could be one of the devil's loyal subjects. So I thought it was only fitting to give you some wings." I continued.

"So what is to be done here is we are going to open up your back so that your ribs are on full display. Then I will break your ribs at the spine and twist them but that they are sticking out giving me an illusion of wings. I will then take your lungs out which will already be exposed to to your ribs being twisted don't worry everything will still be attached you can still technically live but you will bleed to death if not die from the pain." I explained and the women start to cry.

"Alright Phillipe would you like to make the incision because I know I want to get really Hands-On with this one." I say. Philippe starts to cut into her and she screams. Her screams excite me more than anyone has today because of the anger and thirst for vengeance I have towards her.

"Fuck I'm as excited as a virgin Boy On Prom Night." I yell out rubbing my hands together.

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