City Wolves: Indigo

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Each novel is a stand alone novel but each book has recurring characters from each story.



STRONG sex scene (both mxf and fxf and group sex scenes)

Strong language

Scenes of murder, fighting & mass shooting

There are two types of Werewolves; City Wolves or Pack Wolves. City Wolves are sexual, strong and follow no rules. Pack Wolves are obedient, loyal and mate only one other person.

Indigo Hale is an independent City Wolf, living her best life that she worked hard for. Loving many but none exclusively, running a top fashion magazine and enjoying being a single wolf in NYC.

However, after witnessing a shooting she must go into witness protection which place her with the Alaskan Pack and force her to mate with one man - and one man only - Brody Wade.

Brody is quiet, shy and just looking for a quiet life. Indi knows she can't given him the love he wants but he can give him sex and friendship while trying to convince the pack that she isn't a city wolf.

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