you have a bad day

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As soon as the door closed behind you you sank down to the floor and started to sob.

It'd been an overwhelming day and you've been trying to keep it all together, but now you can't that you're home you just can't any longer.

You brought your knees to your chest and sobbed, a hand on your back a moment later making you jump. When you lifted your head you saw Ashley crouching in front of you, clearly concerned. "Are you okay?"

Without a word, you moved into her arms. She wrapped them around you and shushed you softly. "Did you have a bad day?" She felt you nod your head and your tears hit her skin before she helped you stand up.

She kept an arm around your waist as she led you upstairs. She sat you down on the foot of the bed and grabbed her hoodie from the closet for you to wear, the one that you always seem to find comfort in.

She helped you out of your clothes and into the hoodie before gently pushing you on your back. "Wanna tell me what happened? It might make you feel better and you know I'll listen." she murmured as she lied next to you and started to rub your side.

She watched you shake your head. She sighed and gently turned you onto your stomach. She began to rub your back, her fingers running along your spine and skin so softly and delicately, tracing small circles along your skin.

Even though it was still early the exhaustion you had felt throughout the day had caught up with you and with how relaxed Ashley was making you feel, you had no other choice but to give in to the sleep that your body craved.

"I know it was a bad day today. But you made it through and I'm proud of you. Tomorrow will be a better day. It's all gonna be okay," she whispered and kissed your shoulder softly.

You smiled for the first time all day as you began to fall asleep, your worries and frustration gone now that your girlfriend was there.

She kept whispering sweet words in your ear until you drifted off to sleep. She watched the steady rise and fall of your chest for a moment before she left the room, turning the light off and closing the door behind her, happy to let you catch up on some sleep.

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