Little Queen

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Dear people,
Careless, but hungry
To see someone hurting
I know I have been punished,
And you may be very close-minded,
But my last wish to you is
To see you've mistaken
And fully understand
That she was

Born to be something, she didn't understand

Forced to fight for something, she didn't desire

Putted in a war, she couldn't comprehend

Ruled by a kingdom that, she was a queen to

Treated like a peasant, but she was a princess

Cared for only by the one, that she disrelished

Restrained by the laws, that her father created

Made for the throne, that her mother designed

Created in a time, filled with sorrow and fear

Crowned by the people, who hate her the most

Taken from happiness, to be with the Royalty

Beloved by the ones that gave her a crown

Despised by the ones that made her a Queen

And she still is just a part
Of your sick fantasy
Tell me, is that what it's like to be a queen?

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