Dilemma (Nishinoya x Reader)

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The desk in front of your own had been empty for so long that you had almost forgotten who sat there. Or maybe it just seemed that way because you never had to struggle to see around him in the first place. So when Nishinoya Yuu took the seat in front of you, you almost had to do a double take. How long had it been since he had shown up to that class? You couldn't remember for sure, but you got a strange feeling in your chest when you saw him.

And that feeling stayed over the next few days, too. You couldn't pinpoint why, exactly, you had gotten the sudden urge to talk to him. But every time you tried to catch him at the end of class, he ran off before you could say something. That boy was quick, especially for how small he was. It took you somewhere around a week before you were actually able to figure out where he was running off to.

Being small and fast made him hard to stalk- to find sometimes. And yeah, maybe it was a bit sketchy, following him around on occasion, but you know what? He always disappeared after last period, and you never could find him at the end of the day. Desperate times called for desperate measures!

You glanced around the corner, watching him. He always went off to grab some third-year guy before disappearing to who knows where. Very soon, though, you would know where. And you weren't going to let anything make you lose sight of them today!

Thankfully, no one tried to stop you this time. You were following them at a safe distance, putting on the act like you really just wanted to go home. When the two of them left the main school building, your curiosity was piqued. You could have sworn you heard them talking about club activities, so why were they leaving the school?

Your questions were quickly answered when they turned for the gym. Wait, the gym? Sure, the third-year guy looked like an athlete... But Nishinoya? Really??

The duo disappeared from your sight behind the large, sliding doors. Now you were faced with a dilemma. Do you go in and watch practice, hoping you get a small break somewhere in there to talk to him? Or do you wait outside for them to finish?

Would it be weird or intrusive to go in there and watch? Other students probably did, right? So what would be the harm in one more?

You slid open the door a sliver; just enough to peek inside. As for what you were expecting, you weren't really sure... But you definitely weren't expecting a volleyball team. They all seemed to be off in their own world, as if volleyball was the only thing on their minds. You could only watch, completely captivated by it all.

"One more!" Someone screamed enthusiastically.

It was quickly followed up by a spike, which was clumsily received by another player. It ricocheted right off of his arm and came hurtling towards you. You let out a scream and quickly shut the door. There was a loud thud, followed by complete silence. You backed away from the door, contemplating whether or not to run away. But before you could decide, someone walked out of the gym.

"Hi, sorry about that! None of us had any idea you were there." A guy with silvery hair smiled. You had seen him around here and there, but he never really stood out.

"It's pretty cold out here... Would you like to come inside and watch?"

"Oh... Uh... Sure," you nodded.

He opened the door for you, and as soon as you stepped inside, all eyes were on you. Just what you were afraid of.

"Alright, let's get back to it!" The guy who invited you in clapped and ran over to the others.

You awkwardly sat down on a bench, the only other person on it being a third-year girl you had also seen around.

"There's a girl here!" One of them said just a bit too loudly. You had to stifle your laughter.

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