Chapter 1: The Perfect World

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I walked calmly to the street curb and closed my eyes before snapping them open quickly. The ID chip in my eye registered at once, bringing up a holographic green screen extending in front of me. I could read everything from my current position, basic stats, character analysis, approximate age, surgical mecha additions, and finally all modes of transportation among the basic few.

Throwing my hand across the screen, it changed into another layout. Running my fingers down the menu, I scrolled until I saw the new Lite sitting in my menu garage. Clapping my hands in joy, I snapped my fingers and a plastic mecha ball fell into the palm on my fingerless gloved hands. The opaque ball has swirls of translucent white among it's normal silver, I ran it through my fingers before flinging it in the air in front of me. As it hovered in front of me, it exploded into a small transparent square, the air around it shimmered as the machinery began to formulate. White tendrils of smoke began to swirl together, blowing my hair back and making me stagger backwards a few steps. Fluid, achromic liquid began to move together and two white wheels set against the black streets. The engine plunged within the machine and two silver handles began to form out of the wheels. Two extra argon cylinders attached to either side of the sleek ride and I grinned. There it sat, an early wedding present to myself, I chuckled morbidly.

The Lite was purring in front of me, white smoke exuded from it as I walked over and swung my legs over the side. As it started to reboot, a light scanner checked my fingerprints as my fingers gripped each handle. Slowly, thin strips of neon lights ran through across the Lite like ribbons. Smiling, I took off into the blackness.


Staring into the retina scanner, the door slid open smoothly to allow me to enter.

"So? How was it?" My mother sat awkwardly on the couch, watching the holographic television display some perfectly handsome newscaster announce that the Pairing results were out.

I merely withdrew the letter from my pocket and fling it across the room to her. She caught it deftly and sliced through the seal with one manicured fingernail. She flipped open the letter and I could see her surgically icy blue eyes scan the letter at top speed before screaming in delight.

"Aris! Aris, my dear, you've been paired with the eldest of the Etron family!"  She ran out of the room to tell my father. As soon as she left, the smile slipped off my face. I picked up the letter and gazed at the multimillionaire heir's face. No wonder my mother had been overjoyed, this marriage would definitely help both of our companies. With a marriage to seal the deal, both financial giants the Entron and the Exto would merge into one, increasing all means of potential profit.

That would mean new system updates, new Lites, new statues of power within the government. Up, up, and up. New, newer, newest. The constant cycle of profit and spending, power and happiness.

It made me sick. I looked harder at my future husband. I would be tied to him forever. Have kids with the man that would never mean anything more to me than a face used for my convenience.

He had messy auburn hair and a crooked-half-smile that admittedly made my heart flutter a little bit before I stopped myself.

Of course he was good looking. Of course he was smart. Of course he was everything. It was all part of the plan.

This was Obsidian City, where people are everything and anything. But of course, not by choice.

At the age of 16, you are tested for your eventual potential. After creating ETC, Electronic Time Configuration they can actually see your future. By matching you with someone's whose genes and financial potential compliments yours, your future is decided.

Your children will be smart, socially acceptable, and beautiful. Your company will prosper. Diseases can be eliminated when the government controls which genes are paired together. No one fights back because this is the perfect system.

And of course, you have no say in the matter. Not unless you want to be Refreshed.

And you can't have that. Of course not. You can't have problems in this perfect world.


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The M.I.A Ichigo strikes again xD !

Hopefully you guys enjoy what I have so far !

Also, xXDarkenedAngelXx is going to start co-authoring this soon ! Please check out her work because she's awesome ! (:

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