ten - louis

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ten – louis

“Oh – “ Louis grunted quietly.

            His veiny hand slipped underneath his trousers and squeezed his stiffened member through his white cotton briefs, just a tiny squeeze, before slipping his hand out again and adjusted himself on his seat. He had been sitting at the same seat all morning, watching as every performer rehearsed their act and waited for his turn. He was currently watching Harry’s rehearsal, noticing how the small boy danced and sang with such a beautiful, raspy voice, how his corset hugged his little body, how his plump thighs pushed out against the fabric and showed off his round, beautiful bum. Like a porcelain sculpture, Harry was a flawless miracle in Louis’ life. A miracle that he could not possibly get his hands on.

            “L-louis?” Harry’s high – pitched voice startled him, and he had not even noticed the boy getting off the stage and approaching him, “W-were you, were you watching me?”

            Louis gulped, “Yes, yes I was. I must say, you are one talented lad. I see why your performances now are such a huge hit.”

            “Was I good?” Harry asked again, innocently but forwardly again. “W-was I pretty? Am I pretty?”

            Louis was generally a bright lad, who was not tricked by naivetés and devious minds, however he was quite convinced that Harry was being serious, self-conscious of his ethereal beauty and begging for confirmation from him, “The prettiest,” Louis breathed out, not being able to control himself, “The prettiest person in this circus, the prettiest person in almighty England herself. Even prettier than the king.”

            At that, Harry gasped, surprise filling his eyes, “P-prettier than the king? Am I, Louis?”

            “Yes, dove. You’re way prettier than him, you’re such a graceful queen – “

            “A queen!” Harry squealed happily, dancing around the huge tent, standing on his tiptoes and gracefully moving from one corner on the other, like a proper ballerina, “A queen – could I, could I be a queen, you think so? A pretty queen, with a crown on top of m’hair, right? Wouldn’t that be nice?”

            “It would be lovely, your majesty.” Louis joked fondly but did not notice the way Harry’s eyes flashed deviously, “You would make a beautiful queen.” And he definitely would; and Louis would be his king, a proper, authoritative king with a seductive, gorgeous queen. Louis had never been one to thirst over power and glory, but the prospect of ruling a whole kingdom with Harry by his side, seemed like an impossible dream. A beautiful, prosperous, impossible dream.

            “Oh – t-thank you so much, Louis, you’re – that’s incredibly kind of you to say,” Harry stuttered, his pigeon toes bumping against one another.

            “It’s only the truth, dove,” Louis replied fondly, but then remembered why he had gotten up in the first place, “I have to leave you now to take care of some matters, but continue rehearsing and I will probably be back before you finish, alright?”

            “Yes, Louis, thank you, a-again!”

            Louis smiled to himself, “You’re welcome dove.”


            Louis had been in this circus for just a little more than two weeks, however he had to admit that he had not found the time yet to get to know the rest of the performers like he did with Harry – and Angie and Niall. He had been distracted from all the bizarre events that had been occurring that he had completely forgotten to meet his co-workers properly.

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