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"Take me to your apartment." Dahyun said while Jungkook drives, he looked at her.

"Why?" He asked. She looked at him back.

"Oh, sorry. No, just to the bus stop I'll just take a bus."

"Did you fought with Jin hyung again?"

"No, no." She answered. Jungkook didn't say any single word after that, they arrived in his apartment. Dahyun got off and didn't control herself from throwing up on the side. Jungkook followed her.

"Are you okay??? Why did you drink?" He asked tapping her back. "Let's go inside. Drink water." He said and supported Dahyun from going in, she sat on the sofa, Jungkook went to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water and made her drink. She leaned her head back from the sofa and closed her eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked.

Dahyun shook her head still her eyes are closed. Jungkook just looked at her.

"I see you're having fun with your friends, where's Eunwoo and Yugyeom?" She asked.

"Mingyu really asked me out, then when we went there I saw three of my other friends, including Mijoo." Dahyun opened her eyes and looked at him.

"The tattoo artist who made your tattoo?" She asked as if she doesn't know.


"You two are really close, hmm? I mean— no girls wouldn't want to cling on to you."

"What? Are you jea— wait, did you saw me when you got there?" Dahyun didn't answer. "Wah, you know I was there and you're drinking alone or you're with someone?"

"I'm alone." Jungkook laughed. "What?" She asked.

"Seriously? You came there even though you're feeling like you want to throw up yet you still drink soju just to spy on me."

"Spy on you???"

"Tell me you really didn't."

"Fine! But just to clear to you, I was calling you because I know you're schedules today. BTS members are all the same and Jin oppa told me, then I was again alone in the house and decided to go there to eommeoni and Jin oppa messaged me and I thought he's coming home but he said no. I felt dizzy after drinking the half bottle then I was on my way out and stopped, oh yeah that's when I saw Jin oppa's message and then when I looked to my side. I saw you inside with Mingyu sunbaenim and Lee Mijoo, I don't know what came into my mind why I entered that place and ordered soju and just kept looking at you like you're really enjoying your day with your friends, I have no problem with that but to Mijoo leaning on your shoulder and rubbing your arm like it's really nothing to you guys, but for me, what do you expect me to think? Huh! I am just your girlfriend, you hang out with her more than we do so yeah."

"Yeah what?" Dahyun stood up.

"Where's the guest room?" She asked, Jungkook just stared at her while looking around. She walked near Jungkook's room and saw the guest room, Dahyun get inside and took off her coat. "It's hot, why is the effect of alcohol in me like this?"

She fans herself and held the hem of her shirt lifting it up.

"Dahyun—" Jungkook opened the door and saw that she removed her shirt.

"What??" She asked turning to him, his eyes widened.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you're changing. There's a bathroom." He's about to close the door again when Dahyun talked.

"It's like you never saw anything." She said, Jungkook stopped still holding the doorknob not looking at her. "What?" She asked, Jungkook looked at her.

"You're drunk." He said. "I'll get you a t-shirt."

Dahyun held the doorknob from the inside and pulled Jungkook in and closed the door.



"This is what you want." She whispered.

"You're drunk." Dahyun shook her head and grabbed Jungkook's shirt and pulled him going to bed and pushed him that made him lie down. Dahyun got on top of him before he could get up, he's heating up because of what is Dahyun doing.

Dahyun kissed him, he didn't responded at first but when Dahyun wrapped her arms around his neck, he pulled her close to him to deepen the kiss. They were both panting, Dahyun pulled his shirt up that made Jungkook the opportunity to flip them over. Now Jungkook is on top.

"You provoked me." He said.

"Does it feel you good?" She asked like this isn't the Dahyun everyone knows, but right this time, Jungkook is unaware of it. All he knows is Dahyun and him are doing what they wanted from each other, it is how they really wanted to tell themselves that they mean everything about each other and no one cares except for them.

It was a very long night for them, and they did it again. With Dahyun's permission, Jungkook feels more affectionate towards Dahyun. They both tasted the beer and soju that they drink from each other's lips, and it is once again a night to remember.

Dahyun already gave what her boyfriend wanted to have from her, just to her and nobody else. She trusts him, she's sure of that and that's all that matters for her. She feels good and there's nothing wrong about him. As for Jungkook, it's not like an ordinary feeling of doing it with Dahyun. He never done that to anyone, he may look like who's going to try anything with anyone but not to this kind. He wants to stay innocent, it's addicting for him. He still tried his best to control his self to respect Dahyun but she's already the one who provoked him to it.

No one will know, anyone doesn't have to know about it. But everyone must know how much they really mean their feelings for each other, no one can stop them.

"Tell me you're still jealous?" He whispered to her ears while breathing heavily.

"You can't stop me to that." She said.

"Even if I tell the whole world you're just the one?" He asked.

"Other girls will still really find a way to annoy me."

"You're really not drunk." He chuckled and closed his eyes, lied on her side.


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