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"See you tomorrow!" A tall girl waved her hand when she step out of the car. It's passed 12 in the midnight and only few people are walking through the street of Thailand.

She choose the alley for a short cut to get on her condo unit. Even though she went from the bar, she's still aware on what's happening around her. As she looked on her watch, she heave a sigh and scratch her nape.

"I still have work tomorrow yet they asked me to drink. I need to prepare my things to go back again in Korea for work related" She shook her head and put her hands insider her jacket as she walk.

When she getting near at the end of the alley, a narrow street will welcome her. She doesn't want to use her car because she knows that she'll be drunk tonight. While she's walking, she heard a black car stop near her and heard someone trying to scream but unfortunately, hi mouth has been covered.

"At this hour?" She mumbled

Out of curiosity, she walk slowly and being careful that she won't make any sound. Once she reached the end, she peek to check on it. She was surprised that three men in black were holding a case while a helpless man was lying on the ground, the other man covered his mouth so no one would know what's going on.

"You almost throw us in the jail, if you couldn't pay you debt you must shut your mouth and don't do anything that may harm your life and the business" The other one said and took a microchip from that man.

"Is everything clear?" The other one asked "Our boss will be furious"

"Can we kill him?" He asked.

The helpless man cry and scream, begging not to kill him. Her heart beats frantically on what she'll witness. She grip on the wall and her eyes widened. She took out her phone to call someone but unfortunately there's no signal.

"Fuck" She cussed. She has no choice but to lower down her body and carefully run behind the abandoned car near her. She peek again and went scared when one of the men noticed that someone's around them.

"You see that?" The man asked and pointed her area.

She swallow a lump and catch her breath. She peek again and saw one of them coming on her way. She crawl on the other side and started to move forward until she reached their car.

"Just shoot him so we can leave" The other one said "I'll stay inside the car"

When she heard his voice, she duck down and looked at her both side wherein she saw the other one turning on her area. She has no choice but to hit them.

"Oh Geez" She said "I think this is part of black market"

As soon as the man who's holding the microchip reached the other side of the car where the girl was staying, the latter quickly attacked him which made them fall on the ground.

A gunshot has been heard when the other man tried to shoot her, luckily they fell on the ground.

"Go get her!" The man who's securing the helpless victim said, he grab the collar of the victim and pull him in the corner.

When the victim successfully took off the cloth inside his mouth, he shouted to her "Get the microchip, they're member of black-" He didn't finish his words when they shoot him.

When the case dropped after they fell, a lot of money and the chip thrown on the ground. The man grip on the girl's leg to stop her and was about to take his gun but the tall girl kick him on the face which made him let go.

"Don't touch me" She groan and swiftly run on the case.

Another fire of gun has been released, they're using silencer to minimize the noise. The girl almost trip over because of getting shocked.

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