I hopped out the car and discreetly walked in the small building. Today I had to do a promotional shoot for my latest album Chapter 5. 

All eyes were on us as we walked through the hall. I didn't have to look to see that Nicole was practically growling at any girl that looked my way. "Bitches..." She muttered under her breath and I shook my head. 

A crowd formed and I happily took pictures and signed autographs. Nicole glared at me from the side of the room she was pushed in and I smirked to myself. She knows how important My Angels are. I walked into my dressing room and saw how fancy it was. A large room with a big mirror and chairs on the side with a glass table and clothing racks on the other side of the room. Nicole's influence of course. All I need is a room with a chair in it. I'm only changing clothes, I'll barely be in here.

I sat back in one of the chairs and waited for Maxine to come in. Maxine Robin, my jealous ass ex-girlfriend that I made the mistake of meeting. She's a stylist for Stacy London and her company stylist and fashion designers. I cringed when I saw her name listed as my stylist a year ago but had hope that it wasn't her. But it was. Years later she finally got her shit together and was ready to be professional. She got the job done even with the distractions made by Nicole and at the end of the day I was happy. Since that day she’s been somewhat apart of my team but since Nicole found out her connection to me I’ve seen less and less of her. Nicole wouldn’t have her ass here today if she didn’t know Maxine was suppose to be here today. Jealous ass.

A short lady walked into the room. “I’m so sorry for the wait Mr. Songz but Ms. Robin couldn’t make it.” Nicole twirled a piece of her hair and grinned. “I called in the next best from Ms.London’s team to assist you.” She looked intimidated for some reason but I ignored it and nodded. Nicole’s handiwork of course.

“Well now that she’s out the way we can have some fun!” Nicole said cheerfully when the lady left. I stared at her and went back to ignoring her.

I’ve known her for 5 years but we’ve dated for maybe 2. At first it was just a mutual attraction that had the possibility of growing into more,but it’s barely grown. Nicole has a big ass mouth and doesn’t know when to stop. She intentionally fucks with people for no reason and thinks because she’s Nicole London that she can get away with it. Aside from that she’s just annoying for no damn reason.


40 minutes later.

“Ugh. What’s taking so long?” Nicole dragged out and flopped against the couch. I couldn’t be mad, I wanted to know the same thing. Nicole hastily left on a search for the woman that came in earlier. She left the door wide open and I watched as she knocked over a girl with blonde hair.

“Ow. I’m so sorry.” The girl said and rushed to pick up her papers that were scattered along the floor.

“I know. Watch it next time.” Nicole spat looking down at the girl. I glared at her rude ass from the room. After a while the girl got up and dragged towards my room by Ms.London’s second-in-command Winston. “I’m sorry she’s late but this is Maxine’s Replacement.”

The girl stared intently at her black flats until Winston nudged her. “Hi, I’m Carmen.” She said slowly with what looked to be a sorry attempt of a smile. She looked young and misplaced, not someone I’d picture working here. “I’m so terribly sorry for being so late.”

I felt sympathy for her, she reminded me of one of the kid’s I fucked with as a child.

Carmen and I made eye contact but she looked away too soon. She signaled for a new rack of clothes to be brought in.