Chapter 2

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It was a week before Jennie saw Lisa again. Jennie thought about her every day for those seven days. Why hadn't she seen her at the library before? Was she new to National City? Where did someone with an interest in electroanalytical chemistry, of all things, work?

Since she'd opened up the library that morning, every time the door had slid open Jennie had eagerly looked up from her computer screen, hoping it was Lisa, only to be disappointed when it was a college student cramming for finals, or a mom bringing her baby to the kids' corner for story time.

It was one o'clock, and Jennie was reorganizing the shelves in the romance section when the sound of the automatic door opening caught her attention, followed by the gentle thud of books being placed back in the return box.

Jennie peered around the end of the bookshelf to see who the new arrival was, but was disappointed again when she saw it was just one of the college students on their way out. She sighed as she pushed the trolley back up the aisle, picking up the next book and crouching down to slide it back into its place.

As Jennie stood back up she found herself staring into the same eyes she'd been dreaming about all week. Lalisa Manoban stared back at her through the bookshelf, a smile slowly spreading across her face. Trying to mask her surprise at seeing her, Jennie smiled back at Lisa, ducking her head down as she felt her cheeks flush with excitement.

"Oh, it's you again!" Lisa said, sounding a bit surprised to see Jennie. "I didn't see you when I walked in," she continued, walking around the bookcase to stand in front of Jennie, "I was wondering if you could help me, I'm looking for something."

Jennie nodded enthusiastically, her smile widening. She was still a little bit in awe at how beautiful Lisa was, and the fact that she was here, again!

"I'm looking for any books you might have on pathogens and viruses, particularly airborne ones." Lisa said as Jennie nodded, gesturing for her to follow.

As Jennie led Lisa over to the science section of the library, she snuck little glimpses at her out of the corner of her eye, biting her lip to hide a smile when she realised Lisa was doing the same thing. They wound their way through the bookcases, until Jennie stopped in front of a shelf and started pulling out books about pathogens and viruses.

One by one she passed them up to Lisa, feeling a thrill pass through her body when Lisa's fingers touched the back of her hand. She looked up and felt her face turning red when she realised how close Lisa's face was to hers. She awkwardly ducked her head, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, as she picked up the rest of books and stood back up.

"Thank you so much for your help! You're a lifesaver." Lisa gushed, as another smile spread across her face. Jennie's hands fluttered at her sides, making half formed signs as she acknowledged Lisa's thanks with a dip of her head.

They slowly walked towards the end of the aisle, carrying a pile of books each. Lisa led them both over to the counter, waiting as Jennie walked around, and sat behind her desk. Slowly, Jennie began to scan each book, as Lisa leant her elbows on the counter, her chin resting on her interlocked fingers.

"You don't talk much do you." Lisa mused, her lips turning up at the corners.

Jennie closed her eyes, and exhaled through her nose as a gentle sigh. She opened her eyes to look in Lisa's piercing green eyes, a faint smile playing on her lips.

'I don't know if you understand sign language, but I don't talk because I can't'

Jennie's fingers flitted through the familiar signs, watching Lisa's face as her playful smirk was replaced with a shocked and slightly embarrassed expression as she realised that Jennie couldn't talk.

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