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"Okay, so the question is... Which male do you find the most attractive in here?" asked Jin, putting a proud smile on his face, thinking he would be the one chosen.

Your class was playing a game, in which you were asked a question and you had to pass a pen to the person you believed it applied to. A classmate of yours, Lisa, was holding the pen, looking around to choose the most attractive boy.

You weren't interested in playing, so you were focus on finishing your homework, since you wouldn't have much time to do it at home. You had to work at night.

Lisa passed it to Taehyung. Jin was offended, so he cried in a corner. But since you weren't looking, Taehyung had another idea.

He walked to you, the whole class looking at him, and passed you the pen.

"You're the most attractive male, Y/N" he said and smirked. You heard your classmates' laughters.

"Ya! Taehyung!" Lisa exclaimed.

You turned to face him, his arrogant smirk and eyes. You took the pen from his hands.

"I'm curious..." you said loud enough for him to hear "Giving me this pen means that I failed as I girl? Or that all of you failed as males?"

His eyes were slightly wide open, and the class went "OOOOH" at your words. You smirked back at him.

You were used to this kind of jokes. The clothes you were always wearing at school were your brother's, your curves were hidden, you didn't put much effort in your hair, you didn't seem feminine.

But of course, for others that meant you weren't equal to the rest of the girls.

"Cmon, ask me a question" you provoked him.

"Okay" he said and nodded "If you had to spend a night with one of us, who would you choose?"

You were troubled with this. If you chose a girl you would be made fun of even more, maybe from other classes too, and if you honestly picked a boy, he would be made fun of from Taehyung and his alikes.

So, just like that, you passed it to Taehyung. The class was "OOOH" again, but he seemed to enjoy your fight.

"Hey, are you trying to bully her or flirt with her?" Yoongi asked annoyed as he was watching at the two of you from his seat at the back of the class.

"Bully? I'm just teasing her" Taehyung said and sighed, realising he'd spent too much time on you in front of the class, and the last thing he wanted was for rumors of the two of you to flow around.

He walked away back to his seat, but before that, he whispered something so only you'd hear.

"You'd better remember your answer"

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