Part 2

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((A/N: this is a long-ass chapter, so be prepared for that))

The next night, Markus went to the dump again. He didn't go down this time since Simon had made it pretty clear he wasn't welcome, so he just sat on the edge watching the shed. He didn't have to sit there long before Simon came out of his shelter to collect extra parts from the bodies outside. He walked from one dead android to another, ripping off their arm, legs, and biocomponents. Then suddenly, he looked up and saw Markus sitting on the edge of the dump and rushed back into his home. He didn't go out more that night.

Another night passed, and another, and another, and Markus went to the dump each and every one of them. However, he never went down, just sat on the edge, looking at the small shad. Every night Simon would go out to collect some extra parts, and after a few trips he would notice Markus silhouette. Then he would make an angry face and rush back into his shed. Markus would then sigh and slowly stand up and walk back home.

But this particular night, the ninth, when Markus was shutting the door, North woke up. She decided to follow him. But after about three blocks, she lost him.

The next night, North stayed awake until she heard the front door shut and Markus leave the house. She followed him, careful not to let him see her, to the place he had been visiting the past nights.

After a long time of North sneaking behind Markus, jumping behind bushes and cars whenever he turned, they were finally at the dump. North was confused as to why they were there and didn't pay enough attention to see the stick she was about to walk on. As she did, it cracked, and Markus turned around. North quickly jumped behind a car, but she wasn't sure if he had seen her. After s few seconds behind the car, she decided to peek out to see if Markus was still there. As she did, she couldn't seem to find him. She stepped away from the car to get a better view as to where he was. Suddenly, someone grabbed her shoulders and dragged her behind the car again. She quickly turned to see Markus face.
"What are you doing here?!" he whispered.
"The REAL question here is; what are YOU doing here?!" North said grabbing Markus's hands, snatching them off her shoulders. "In the middle of the night, no less!"
"I was just... Taking a walk! I just needed some fresh air!"
"Okay, first of-" North hissed glaring up at Markus. "-you have been going here a few nights in a row, Mister, so don't even bother coming up with excuses like that. Second of all, we don't need fresh air, we don't fucking breath cause we are fucking androids!"
"Yeah, yeah, I get it! I was just-" Markus started but was cut off when a dark figure appeared in the dump.
"Why don't we just go home and get some rest now?" Markus asked, trying to hide the desperation in his voice.
"Hm... Ok sure, but if I catch you going out here again, I WILL stab you!" North joked, or at least Markus hoped she was joking, but you never knew with North and her stabbing.

The next night, North slept with Markus ((A/N: don't get any ideas)) in his room to make sure he didn't sneak out. He was gonna do it anyway, he just had to be careful not to wake her up. As he got out of bed, he heard North groan sleepily. He stroke her hair until she fell into a deep sleep again. He got out of the room and, quiet as a mouse, he sneaked down the stairs and out the front door.

As he sat on the edge of the dump, he saw the dark figure again, and he thought it was Simon at first, but the figure was much bigger than him. But then, to his surprise, came another, and another, and another, all much bigger than Simon. Suddenly, Markus heard the familiar sound of Simons door opening, but it wasn't Simin who had opened it, it was the big men. Two of them entered the shed, and Markus was about to scream when they suddenly came out and threw Simon on the ground. He tried to get up on his feet but was pushed down again. Suddenly, he pulled a gun out of nowhere and aimed against the biggest man, who seemed to be the leader, but the man behind Simon did as well, and the other men too. All of a sudden, Simon had four guns aimed at him, and only one to protect himself with.
"What do you want?" Simon asked with an annoyed voice.
"Oh, we just wanna mess around with some plastic again, it's been a while since the last time," the biggest man said before throwing a kick at Simon, making him fall over. One man to his left threw a punch at his head, and another man kicked him on the neck. Markus watched in horror as Simon broke down more and more before his eyes. He searched the ground for something to throw, but couldn't find anything. Suddenly, he heard a loud gunshot. He looked up to see who had shot, and to his surprise, it was Simon! He had shot and hit the leader in the head. The leader laid down, red blood pouring out of his head. The other men stood frozen for a second, but it was enough time for Simon to shoot the man to his right. After the second shot, one of the unharmed men held him down, while the other one aimed his gun at him. Markus panicked and threw the first thing he could find at the man with the gun. The rock hit the man's head and knocked him over. He wasn't dead, but he was bleeding a lot and would soon die from that. He had dropped the gun and now the man who had held Simon down grabbed it and looked around, though he didn't leave his spot but sat on Simon's stomach, pointing the gun to his neck.
"W-who are you?!" the man shouted. Simon moved his head slowly to look at the person who had thrown the rock. When he finally saw him, his eyes widened. Markus stod bent over so the man wouldn't notice him. As soon as the man turned his head again, Markus began running quietly towards them with a rock in his hands. When the man finally turned around again, he was greeted with a rock in his face. He dropped the gun and fell onto the ground holding his broken nose as Markus pushed him away from Simon.
"Get away from here, now!" Markus ordered the man with his hand raised, prepared to hit again if needed. The man nodded and ran off, and Markus put his hand down again. He turned around to face Simon again. He reached out a hand for him, but Simon ignored it. He pushed himself up to a sitting position, rubbing his wounds.
"What are you doing here?" he said with an angry face.
"Yeah, you're welcome, no need to thank me," Markus said.
Simon sighed, stood up and started walking back to his shed. MArkus just stood there whatching him disappear.
"You coming or what?" he asked when Markus didn't move.
"Your arm. It's damaged. I have extra parts."
Markus followed Simon into his shed, which was about the size of a minibus. As he looked around the small shed, Simon disappeared through a fabric rag and came back with a few different things to fix Markus' arm.

"Aaaaaand done!" Simon smiled as he finished fixing up Markus wounded arm. Then he seemed to remember that it was Markus in front of him and his smile died away.

That night when Markus returned home, it was almost sunrise already, and he had to hurry back so North wouldn't know he had been gone.

As he opened the door, he jumped at the sight of North right in front of him.
"First of all, bitch-"

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