Part 1

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"Markus!" Simon pleaded. "Please-"
"I'm sorry, Simon,"  Markus whispered before pulling the trigger. Markus felt a thousand emotions as he saw Simons face go blank as his biocomponents started to shut down.
"I'm sorry..." Markus whispers again before putting on his parachute, jumping off the roof with the others, except for Simon, that is.

"I can't believe you killed him!" Josh shouted into Markus's ear.
"I had to, they would have accessed his memory!"
"But you didn't have to kill him! You didn't even hesitate!"
"That's enough!" North exclaimed angrily. "I miss Simon just as much as you do, but we have to move on if we're gonna have a chance to win!"
Markus and Josh both sighed. After all, she was right.

{After they win because I'm lazy and u guys probably know what happened during the revolution}

Markus walked down the dark, silent streets of Detroit. He was walking towards the dump where the humans had dumped him after the police shot him at Carls's house. He walked along the edge, looking at all the bodies laying down there.
As he gazed down on the bodies, he saw a... Shed? He wanted to take a closer look, so he carefully went down into the dump. As he walked towards the shed, careful not to step on any bodies, he saw someone carrying something a few meters away from him.
"Hello?" he shouted, not too loud, but loud enough for the person to hear. They turned around, their face dark and shadowy from the lack of light. Markus heard the person drop something, and a small gasp escaped their lips. They started to back away, then they started running. Markus sprinted after.
"Stop running! I won't hurt you!" he shouted, but the person didn't stop running until they accidentally tripped over an arm laying on the ground. They tried to stand up, but Markus was faster and grabbed their arm.
"Hey! Are you ok?" he asked. The person didn't respond. They looked down, hiding their face as they tried to free themselves from Markus's grip. They pulled their arm towards themselves, whispering "let go" over and over again. But Markus didn't. He pulled the person up on their feet, still asking if they were ok. They kept on whispering and pulling until the whispers became cries. Markus let go of their arm. Instead, he took their shoulders and shook them slightly.
"Are you ok?" he asked again. This time, the person mumbled something, but he couldn't hear it.
"What?" he asked.
"How do you think?" the person said a bit louder. Markus was chocked over the fact that he recognized the voice, but that was impossible... He let go of the person's shoulders. They had stopped trying to escape now, just standing there, looking down at the ground to hide their face. Markus took their face in his hand and pulled their chin up so he could see their face. The person tried not to look up, but they were much weaker than Markus, and they looked up at him. Markus gasped and backed away as he was met by a pair of blue eyes. Simon's eyes.
"B-but you... You are... I-" Markus stuttered, trying to understand how the heck Simon, the Simon he shot, killed, about a year ago, could be standing in front of him. He looked at Simon's dirty face again and was met by an angry glare. Markus looked at him, confused. Simon noticed this and sighed angrily.
"Are you really that surprised?" he asked. "Did you think I would be glad to see you?!"
Markus stayed silent, still to shocked to answer.
"You shot me, Markus," Simon growled. "You shot me, but somehow I'm still here."
"But I had to! They-"
"No." Simon said, looking straight into Markus' blue and green eyes. "You didn't have to, you never have to kill your friends, Markus."
"Simon I-"
"I don't want to hear your cheap excuses, Markus! There was no reason for you to shoot me instead of just helping me!" a tear rolled down his cheek. "You could've just helped me hide! I was scared! Scared for my life, Markus! I was scared you were gonna kill me and you did! Y-you could've just helped me but instead, you just shot me! Y-you could've just...!"
Simon had started crying. Tears streamed down his cheeks, and he stopped talking. He just stood there sobbing, and Markus stood about a meter away from him, didn't say anything, didn't do anything, nothing, he couldn't. He tried to come up with something to say to comfort Simon, something to say at all, but he couldn't.
"Just leave." Simon whispered through tears. Markus just stood there as he saw Simon run back to the shed he seemed to be living in. Markus stood there for a moment, considering following Simon to talk to him, to make him understand... But he quickly realized that Simon would probably not let him in, especially not to talk to him, so he just walked back to Carl's house. He decided not to tell anyone about Simon, he didn't want the others to come and take his best friend from him, not before he had forgiven him.

As he walked home, he decided to come back tomorrow, and every day until Simon would finally talk to him. Until he would understand.

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