When I left the underworld and passed the wrecked coliseum, I went into Thebes. It seemed like a small and happy town, and maybe the reason for that was because this Hercules wa^ around...but not for long.

I walked around for a while enjoying the view....it kind of reminded me of home...everyone was happy and got along. Until the heartless came, and knowing that I'd be the one doing this, taking that away from this town kinds made me feel a little guilty. But it was for a good cause wasnt it?I had to help the organization get their hearts back, and become whole again.

I then heard kids laughing, a horse, and cheers, I looked over to clustered crowd. All I could see was the crowd around white, and orange hair....the wings flutter? I was curious and walked over squeezing my way through the crowd. I had to poke my head through to get a good view. But people were pushing, and I wasn't able to breathe, I saw a glimpse of blue and white until I was pushed out the crowd into the middle of the circle and started coughing from a loss of air.

"Whoa whoa, hold on," a very masculine voice said. And the crowd calmed down. I heard and felt a horse sniff me. "Are you alright," the voice was very gentle and kind.

I slowly lifted while coughing, as I lifted my head up slightly to see a hand stretched out to me. My vision cleared and I looked up further to see what could have been the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Muscular beyond comprehension but it worked with him perfectly, a strong chin, beautiful blue eyes, and fiery orange hair. And behind him was a....winged blue and white horse? I looked back as him and I felt my eyes go wide at the sight of him. I couldn't speak just yet, it was like his face had been carved by gods.

"Here..." he stretched his hand further.

"Um.." was all I could get out as I took his hand and he helped up to my feet, my hand looked so fragile in his massive strong hand. I felt a little dizzy, but ignored it.

"Are you alright?"

"I um....I..."

"Looks like someone's been hit by cupid..." I heard a voice say, I looked over to see who said it...and saw it was a short half man half...goat?

"Wha-" I said.

"What haven't you seen a satyr before?" he said.

I shouldn't of looked down, because once I did I felt the dizziness take and started to drift and lean back, I felt the man's hand move to my back to support me.

"Whoa there," was the last I heard before I drifted to unconsciousness.

When I wok up I was in an unfamiliar room, then the man from before walked in as I wiped my eyes. "Good, you're awake." he said as he sat next to me. " How are you feeling? You gave a lot of people quite a scare."

"I don't know really...who are you. "

"I'm Hercules." My eyes went wide for a moment at the fact that he was Hercules, then normal again, why on earth would Hades want to hurt Hercules? He was kind, sweet, caring, charming...but it wasn't my place to question. "What's your name? This is a pretty small town, you dont look familiar."


"Nice to meet you Ayame," he said as he took my hand and patted it. "You should rest for a while."

"Actually, I better go," I said as I got up.

"you really shouldn't, you should rest, you passed out."

"Thank you, but no really I'm fine I have to get going."

" You sure?" I nodded. "Well can I give you a ride?"

"No that's find, it's walking distance," I said as I started walking towards the door. "Where I'm going you probably wouldn't want to go anyways," I mumbled as I opened the door, and standing on the other side was a white winged horse with blue hair. "Whoa," the horse looked at me then shook his head. "Can I get by?"

He shook his head again. "Pegasus," Hercules started. "She's alright now, let her by."

I walked passed Pegasus when he moved from my path. When I left wherever I was I headed straight back to Thw Underworld. Now that I thought of it, I probably shouodnt have told him my name,but it was too late now.

When i got back I wanted to explore The Underwolrd, but I decided id do that later. When I got there I had run into some sort of mishap apparently. Hades was yelling at Pain and Panic, you could tell he was furious, his face went orange and his hair practically a yellow flame

"How did you destroy the underdrome!" Hades yelled.

"W-well you see..he wanted to play with cerberus.." Panic said.

'No, he said that we should mess with Cerberus," Pain said.

"Get to the point!" Hades said.

"Well...we um..,took him to the underdrome...things got out of hand...and now is pretty messed up..."

"And Cerberus is hurt pretty bad," Pain said.

"You two are....aggghhh! When I get my hands on you!"

Pain and panic started to run when I stepped in. "Would you like me to take a look at him?"

Hades froze then looked at me, "Well if you dont mind?"

I stepped to pain and panic, "Lead the way you two."

The two nodded and led the way.

We walked into what I was assuming was the underdrome, and in there was a black three headed dog laying helplessly under some rock, which I was surprised to see. I used the darkness to lift the rocks off the dog and he perked up.

He was happy, he put all of his heads down to me and asked me to pet them so I did, and had one of his heads lick me. Cerberus then looked at pain and panic and growled. They screamed and hid behind Hades.

"Thank you Ayame, now remember our little deal Ayame, then badda bing badda boom, we can all go home and be happy, but I'd like to speak with you later... now to take care of these two," hades said. I started leaving as I heard fireballs obviously being blasted at pain and panic.

I thought I'd check on Ashtcher to see how he was doing. When I walked into his room, he was staring out the window into the pool of souls that was outside it, almost like he was looking for something.

"Hey Ashtcher?" I started. "You Alright?"

"I'm coping..."

"Why don't you come out?"

"This isn't really a great place to be...."


"I know you can obviously tell that Hades isn't that good of a guy....but he's a lot worse than you think...he's a monster.."

"Hmmm," I smirked. "Do I finally get to know the story of Ashtcher."

He looked back at me and small smiled appeared, I was surprised I even caused that a little, he's usually so emotionless, and a bit mean, and kind of a loner, so even seeing a simple smile made him seem normal for just a moment. "Sure, well part of it...but you might wanna sit down..it's kind of a long story and it'll get pretty deep."

"Alright," I sat on his bed and crossed my legs. "So how do you already know Hades?"

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