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I pulled the car to a stop outside the house, it was dark and quiet inside – which was a shock since it wasn't even eight pm. I smiled softly to myself as I put the car in park and climbed out. Grabbing my bag, I headed into the house.

It was dark but I could hear the sound, and see the soft light, from the TV in the living room. I placed my bag down and eased into the room quietly. I grinned to myself at the scene greeting me.

Devon sat in the recliner, Kiera sitting on his lap as RJ lounged on the big couch. A bowl of half eaten popcorn on the table and an animated movie playing on the TV. The scene warmed my soul and my heart, so for a moment I didn't make my presence known – I just watched.

But Kiera quickly noticed I was back, "Mummy!" she squealed, making Devon and RJ jump in shock. She dived off her father's lap and rush at me. I caught her energetic jump and placed her on my hip as she grinned up at me. I kissed her cheek quickly as she cuddled into me.

My daughter was beautiful – even though I was bias, it was the truth. Her beautiful mixed skin was smooth and clear, her tight curled black hair was pulled back into two space buns and her large brown eyes glistened up at me.

"Hey, I didn't think you would get back for a while" Devon grinned brightly. I walked over to my husband, placing a quick kiss on his lips, before placing Keira back on his lap.

"Roads were quiet" I shrugged. I moved over to the couch with RJ, nudging him over to one side. He scooted to my side and cuddled into me, as I kissed the top of his head. "Hey baby".

"I got my hair braided" he beamed up at me – his front tooth missing, as he awaited his adult tooth to come through.

"You look so handsome and grown up". I kissed the top of his head. My son's hair was now contained within tight braids that ran from his scalp all the way down to his neck. His brown eyes were wide and his dark skin flawless.

"Dad feel asleep at the barbers".

I glanced over at Devon in amusement, "did he now?"

"It took all afternoon" he shrugged.

"I bet". His hair before had been an unruly afro that had been growing and growing for the last few months. Devon had been trying to get RJ to have his hair braided for a while, but I had been putting it off as his natural hair was beautiful. So, I wasn't surprised the first day I went out of town that Devon took him to the barbers.

"How's Ecliptic Dark Pack?"

"Fine, fine" I shrugged, "we'll talk about it later". My words to him were clear – we'd talk when the kids were in bed.

I kicked my shoes and jacket off, before cuddling down with RJ and Keira, who had dived over to join us on the couch – leaving Devon to stretch out and doze on the recliner. Simple moments like these were the best I could ask for.

RJ – Ramone Junior – was about to turn six, with Keira two years behind her older brother. Since we'd had the kids, life had come to some sort of norm for Devon and I. Some days were harder than others but that was true for most people. Some days, Ramone's death came back to me like a punch to the gut and crashed me into a depression wave deep enough to suffocate. But as the years went on, the waves were less and less. We missed Ramone but we weren't consumed with grief anymore.

When the movie ended, I put Keira to bed as Devon made RJ help him clear the living room before we put him to bed. When we were finally alone, Devon opened a bottle of wine and we cuddled on the couch.

"Hmm, it's good to have you back" he muttered, pulling me in for a long kiss. I melted against him; his taste and smell surrounding me and lulling me into complete relaxation. When we pulled away, Devon's eyes sparkled in lust – that promised that that kiss would not be the only one of the night.

"So tell me about Ecliptic Dark Pack, then" he said instead, knowing that we should get work out the way first before sidestepping into sex. Which, yes, was a good idea – but after such an intense kiss, it was disappointing.

"I think the words 'coup' and 'dictatorship' were said by Joey at one point" I replied, sighing as I shook off the last of the lust and focused on the serious situation.

"Ah shit".

"Ah shit is right".

My half-brother Joey had taken over from my father as Alpha of the Ecliptic Dark Pack almost three years ago. And...well...things weren't going too great. He was aggressive and demanding and a bully. Which, yes, most Alpha's were. However, they also had political grace and worked hard for their Pack. My brother didn't have any of the positive Alpha attributes, but bucket-fulls of the negative ones.

So, as the Pack began to revolt and clash against their new Alpha, my father – who had been enjoying his retirement with us and his grandchildren – had been forced to step back in as Alpha. Joey was not happy and still thought he was the rightful Alpha...even when his own Pack hated him.

The future of the Ecliptic Dark Pack was unsure to say the least.

"What did your father suggest?"

I gave my husband a sarcastic look, "what do you think he suggested?"

"Did you tell him no?" Devon asked, raising an eyebrow at me. My silence answered it for him. "Damn, Tabby Cat, I don't want Keira being a part of all of this".

"We still have like fifteen years until she'd be old enough to be Alpha anyway. And, I didn't say yes".

"But you also didn't say no".

"I know. But I did tell my father that he wasn't to mention his idea to anyone and that if he wants to one day give the Pack over to Keira, then he wouldn't tell her until she was at least sixteen. I don't want her growing up with the pressures of the Ecliptic Dark Pack looming over her head".

Devon groaned and put his wine glass down on the table. "Our daughter, the Alpha. I do have to say that she takes after her grandfather, she'll make a great Alpha".

"Only if she wants it. Like I said, he's going to keep running the Pack until she is old enough to decide if she wants to become Alpha".

Devon chuckled softly, shaking his head. "Imagine that, Keira being the Alpha of the Ecliptic Pack and RJ being the Beta of Black Bloods".

"Who would have thought, huh? The three of us making such powerful children". I glanced over at the picture of Ramone that was hanging above our fireplace. Devon followed my glance and smiled at his brother. "He loved this pack and he'd love the idea of his son being the Beta when Waylon becomes Alpha".

We fell back into silence, as I cuddled back into Devon's arms. "You know, maybe if we had another kid, that one could take over another Pack and we'd be have the strongest Werewolf kids on the planet".

I laughed softly as his hands rested over my stomach, "you been thinking about that again? Having another kid?"

"Just putting the idea out there. I know we said two kids...but I don't know, I could have another one" he shrugged.

I smiled up at my husband, my mate, and the man I loved more than anything in the world. "I love you". I kissed him deeply as I cuddled into his arms.

Our lives were still up in the air, but I was sure that just came with being the daughter of an Alpha and married to a Commander. But, I loved it. My husband was loving and my children were beautiful and talented.

Every day I missed Ramone, but I saw him in my son and in my husband. He may have not been with us physically, but he would always be with us in our heart and in our memories.

The bond of mates would always be unbreakable.

-------------THE END--------------

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