Chapter 9

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  (Incoming Call from
  Doctor Bongki😉)
Dohee: Hello
The boys looked at me asking who I was talking to I shrugged them off and waited for Bongki to answer back.
Bangki: Hey babe what are you doin?
Dohee: Right now I'm heading to the store to get a few things then heading to your family's bakery.
At this the boys looked at me with questioning looks
Bongki: Oh, why are you heading over there?
Dohee: I'm just showing these boys where it is, since they got lost looking for it.
Bongki: Do you want me to meet you there, I wanna see you
Dohee: Bongki I literally saw you not so long ago but if you want to meet us there I have no problem with that.
Bongki: okay I'm heading there now, love you
Dohee: okay, love you too bye.
Then I hung up
"Who was that", asked Haechan
"Someone you'll meet later, his family owns the bakery you guys were looking for" I answered they just nodded and kept walking

~Time Skip To The Bakery Brought To You By Yehet~

As we finally made it to the bakery I saw Bongki already inside.
We entered the bakery and the boys went to order and I went to hug Bongki.
We sat down and started talking about random things until the boys came and sat down with us.
"Who are you" Jeno asked Bongki
"Oh, I'm Bongki my family owns the bakery" he answered
"What's your relationship with our new noona" this time Chenle asked the question.
Bongki looked at me as if he were asking me permission to answer truthfully and I just nodded
"I'm your new noona's boyfriend" replied Bongki
"Hmmm, interesting how long have you've been dating, how old are you, what's your job, how much do you earn, what is your credit card number, how many se..." I cut Jaemin off
"Okay calm down, one question at a time and why do you want his credit card number" the boy just shrugged and looked at Bongki waiting for his answers
"Ummm we've been dating for 2 1/2 years, I'm 28, I work as a doctor, and the last two questions are confidential" Bongki answered the questions.
As the boys kept asking us questions and Bongki and I answering, I noticed it was getting dark so I asked the boys
"Is anyone going to pick you guys up, if not we can drive you guys home"
They looked at each other till Mark answered
"If you don't mind we would appreciate if you can drop us off at our dorm" I looked at Bongki and he nodded
"Yeah that's fine" I reply to them
"We should get going before it get to late" we all got up and headed to Bongki's car.

We dropped the boys at their dorms, and now it's just Bongki and I in his car heading to my house, it was silent till I spoke up.
"How did the talk with your sister go?"
"It went well, she was just too worried that we would leave her and not spend time with her or my family, she wants to meet up with you soon she'll probably call you tomorrow" he looked at me for a second then turned back to the road
"Oh okay, I hope she understands that we would never to that I love her and your family too much" I looked at him.
He took my hand and intertwined it with his
"I love you" he said "so much".
"Awwww baby, I love you too, so very much" I said back.
The rest of the ride was silent besides the music playing, just peacefully enjoying each other's presence.

-I'm sorry for not updating so long 🥺👉🏼👈🏼. I got my phone taken away but I hope you enjoyed this shitty ass chapter.

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